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Art from central India

09th February 2019, 02:23 Hrs

Madhya Pradesh has been a hub in India for producing great contemporary artists. In 2016 Carpe Diem Art Gallery - Majorda worked with some of these artists and put up a group show titled “Occult”. Now just over 2 years later Carpe Diem once again proudly presents seven contemporary artists from Indore in a show titled “Transcend” on modern abstract art from  February 13 to 28.

While to the unexposed eye, it often seems like nothing more than a random splash of colours on paper or on canvas, contemporary abstract art holds much more symbolism and meaning - which often needs time, patience and an open mind to appreciate it. To the artist, his or her “modern” art is created from a point of introspection and meditation wherein the clear defined lines of reality hold far less significance as do the mood and feel generated by a brush stroke, a patch of colour, a suggestive shape or a symbol in the larger composition. To the art connoisseur, the beauty of the artwork comes from the emotions that he or she is left with when spending time viewing the work. Some appreciate the colour schemes, others the composition, yet others admire what they see as suggestive imagery and of course, often it is a combination of all of the above.

In this show, most works are on canvas or on paper with some works made purely out of paper. To top it off and give the viewers a chance to appreciate the art even more, one of the artists Rahul Solanki will be conducting a paper art workshops during the exhibition days at the venue. The participating artists are Anil Kumar, Pankaj Agrawal, Premendra Goud, Rahul Solanki, Rajesh Sharma, Sameedha Paliwal and Subhash Chouhan. 

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