Fri, 19 Apr, 2019

State logs on to IT firms, signs MOU

18th January 2019, 02:45 Hrs

the goan I network


The Government of Goa has signed a memorandum of  understanding (MOU) on Thursday with two big IT companies for developing  software related solutions for road safety, inventory of land  registration transactions and some other services.  

 Another MOU was also signed with a multi-organization conglomerate  ELEVEN O1 to boost the blockchain startup platform in Goa.  

IT Secretary Ameya Abhyankar signed the MOU on behalf of the State  government with INTELL, INTUIT and ELEVEN 01 officials on Thursday.  

“There will be no financial implication on the State government. It  is an initiative to boost IT startups in Goa,” Abhyankar told the media.   

The Goa government had engagement with INTEL country head Nivrutti  Rao during his visit to Goa on IT day in August last. This MOU is first  such formal tie-up with INTEL to develop an anti-collision device which  will help in the area of road safety, Abhyankar said.  

“These anti-collision devices can be installed on some of our  Kadamba Transport Corporation buses on a pilot