Sun, 15 Sep, 2019

Cabral seeks time to streamline ‘defunct’ power dept functioning

Urges consumers to SMS him their grievances, promises TO SET UP call centre soon

17th January 2019, 03:36 Hrs

the goan I network


Conceding that he could not present the promised White paper because the electricity department is defunct, Power Minister Nilesh Cabral has asked the people of Goa to give him some time to put a system in place to streamline the functioning of the department.  

The Power Minister further made a plea to the power consumers that under no circumstances should they procure any meter or service wire for the staff, saying it is the responsibility of the department to provide goods and services to the consumers.  

Talking to the media after conducting a surprise inspection of the Aquem Power House on Wednesday noon, the Power Minister said he has to first put in place the various sections in the department, including stores, MRT and dispose of the accumulated scrap. 

“Soon after assuming power, I had promised the people of Goa that I will come out with a White paper on the electricity department. I am unable to do so till date because the department is defunct. I will come out with the white paper after putting the system in place,” he said.  

He also told media persons that no power consumer should procure any electricity item, including meters and service wires. 

“I know such a practice has been going on in the department for a long time now. I appeal to the people not to buy meters and service wires for the department. It is the duty of the department to procure these items,” he asserted.  

The Power Minster urged the consumers across the state to SMS him their grievances, especially pertaining to the street lights instead of giving him a call. 

“An SMS with details such as the name, address, pole no, locality will help me to get the work done at least within 48 hours, if not within 24 hours,” Cabral said.   

He, however, hastened to add that the electricity department will not take responsibility of the street lights installed by seven other departments, including the GSIDC, GSUDA, PWD, etc. 

“I have written a letter to the panchayat bodies across the state seeking their inputs on a proposal wherein the Power departments takes over the street lights and looks after its upkeep and maintenance,” he said, while saying the proposed call centre will also soon fall in place.  

To a question, the Power Minister said he is trying to charge the underground cabling system in the city which was laid around nine years ago. “There are various issues concerning electricity. To get certain things done, I need the sanction of the Finance department,” he added.