Mon, 15 Jul, 2019

NGO buries hatchet with Canacona civic body, resumes garbage collection

13th January 2019, 03:59 Hrs

the goan I network


Burying the hatchet with the Canacona Municipal Council (CMC), the NGO Goenkar embarked on another cleanliness mission by stepping into new areas filled with garbage in a bid to keep Canacona green and clean.   

According to sources in Goenkar, the team finished cleaning up the highway side from Canacona Junction to Padi and Balli.   

Goenkar also finished with clearing of garbage piles left by the highway and interior roads of Mastimol-Palolem, Tarir-Gulem, Colomb-Dumane and Chaudi market.   

“This time, the CMC and some councillors were more than helpful to support our cleanliness mission and collection of garbage. We are thankful to CMC Chairperson Nitu Dessai, Vice Chairperson Shamsunder Desai and the municipal staff,” a Goenkar office bearer said.   

Goenkar General Secretary Vikas Bhagat said, “Forgetting the previous hiccups (with the CMC) which Goenkar had gone through, we will continue these works, even though some councillors are resting on their imaginary laurels and claim that our beaches are cleaner than others.”   

Goenkar President Jack Fernandes said they would not rest, but would keep working harder “to bring back our areas, especially coastal lands, back to their lost glory.”   

Expressing concern over the discontinuation of the highway garbage collection scheme, Goenkar members cleaned several garbage-filled enclosures along the highway. The members had even recently collected garbage strewn at the Davorlim 

junction in Salcete.