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Khaunte’s statements on IT park undemocratic: Chimbel Manch

Says it is govt’s duty to explain project to the people and not the other way around

13th January 2019, 03:54 Hrs

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Criticising IT Minister Rohan Khaunte’s statements that he would not hold a presentation on the proposed Chimbel IT park for Chimbel locals and those who wanted it should give in writing, the Chimbel Manch has denounced it as an undemocratic attitude of the minister.  

Chimbel Manch Secretary Tukaram Kunkolkar made it clear that the manch would never demand a presentation, specially since it was the duty of the powers that be to explain about the project to the people and not the other way around.   “During the previous term when a village delegation had met ITCL Chairman Subhash Phaldessai, he had promised that the Chimbel locals would be taken into confidence before going ahead with the IT Park,” recalled Chimbel Manch Secretary Tukaram Kunkolkar.   

“We want to know why the current IT minister is making statements to the contrary.”  

“Why is the minister reluctant to hold a presentation for Chimbel locals if the project is so beneficial to Goa and Goans? Is there a lack of space in Chimbel or is he afraid of being confronted? Why is the minister putting conditions and deadlines for the presentation,” questioned Kunkolkar.  

Kunkolkar claimed it is the duty of the powers that be to explain about the project to the people and not the other way around.   

“Let the minister come to us. How many people have the conveyance to go to Panaji or Porvorim specially for the presentation,” asked Kunkolkar, while alleging that the presentation on the IT Park to the Chimbel panchayat was a mere eyewash.  

“Everybody knows that the Chimbel panchayat is under the minister’s influence. So, what was the minister trying to prove by the exercise? That he has done his part? If the minister is so transparent let him hold a public presentation in Chimbel,” Kunkolkar stated, while adding that the manch would never ask for the presentation.  

Chimbel Manch president Gurudas Shirodkar said since the Chimbel panchayat authorities have been given a presentation, they should explain to the villagers what they have understood about the project.  

“For us, our local panchayat comes first and then the minister,” said Shirodkar.  

‘Chimbel p’yat exposed on job quota’

OLD GOA: The Chimbel Manch on Saturday stated that the Chimbel panchayat stood exposed by the IT Minister Rohan Khaunte’s statement that no quota would be provided for Chimbel locals.  

During a presentation on the Chimbel IT Park and Porvorim technology park for the media in a city hotel on Friday, Khaunte had made it clear that there would be no job reservations for Chimbel locals at the proposed IT Park, since the government could not provide quota for jobs in private industries.  

He, however, added that locals would be imparted skill upgradation programmes to make them employment ready for the IT sector.  “The Chimbel panchayat stands exposed by the IT minister’s statement that no quota would be provided for Chimbel locals, especially when panchayat authorities are hard selling the IT Park by stating that jobs would be provided,” said Chimbel Manch Secretary Tukaram Kunkolkar.  

Will give befitting reply when time is right, claims Chimbel local  

OLD GOA: Responding to the challenge of IT Minister Rohan Khaunte to provide proof if he or his brother owns any property in Chimbel, a villager Govind Shirodkar has countered by saying that a befitting reply would be given when the time is right.  

“We are not bound to reply to him now. When time is right, we will give him a befitting reply,” replied Shirodkar, when asked by The Goan if there was any proof of the minister’s brother’s involvement in the development of a property adjoining the IT Park land.  “Time will prove everything,” he added.  

Shirodkar further said a person who is holding a high position would never leave behind proof of his direct involvement.  

“When somebody is in power, such challenges would be issued but when time comes we will prove them,” replied Shirodkar with confidence.  “It should not necessarily be his brother, maybe his agents or other persons involved. Otherwise, how does one explain the inaction of his department over destruction of forest area,” he countered.  

“We complained to the collector, and later to the governor and conservator of forests, but the destruction continued. Why is the revenue department not acting on destruction and burning of trees,” asked Shirodkar.  

“When forest cover is being destroyed, why is the revenue department ignoring the issue. Destruction is going on for 4-5 months and done by an elected member’s husband,” alleged Shirodkar. “Under whose blessings is everything happening?”