Mon, 15 Jul, 2019

Vijai hurries with road hot-mixing works to beat election code

Story: the | goan | 13th January 2019, 01:24 Hrs

MARGAO: Claiming that Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar will visit the Secretariat on Monday and pave the way for major developmental projects in Fatorda, TCP Minister Vijai Sardesai on Saturday rushed with the launching of road hot-mixing works to beat the election code of conduct likely to come into force later next week.  

“The CM will be visiting the secretariat on Monday. We will move a file concerning an important development project in Fatorda. I expect the government to give me the sanction on Monday,” he said.  

Speaking on the proposed food court in Fatorda, the TCP Minister said the same will have kiosks with solar panels, which will offer an opportunity for vendors to cook and prepare food using solar energy. “The food court will not just be a food court, but will comply with green norms,” he added.  

Meanwhile, the TCP Minister has changed his time table to launch road hot-mixing works every week. Instead of launching one major hot-mixing work every week, the TCP Minster has decided to launch all the road hot-mixing works estimated to cost around Rs eight crore by January 17 ahead of the election code of conduct. ‘The summary revision of electoral rolls is expected to end on January 18. Hence, the election code of conduct may come into force any time after January 18,” he said, adding that the launching of the road works will be complete by January 17.