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9,500 jobs at IT parks in Chimbel, Porvorim, but no job quota: Khaunte

Story: The | Goan | 12th January 2019, 03:10 Hrs

OLD GOA: Making a strong pitch for the proposed IT Park at Chimbel and the Porvorim technology park, IT Minister Rohan Khaunte on Friday said as many as 9,500 potential jobs would be available in Chimbel and Porvorim.
The minister, however, made it clear that there would be no reservations for Chimbel locals at the proposed IT Park, adding that locals would be imparted skill upgradation programmes to make them employment ready for the IT sector.
In an attempt to portray Goa as an IT destination, a presentation on the Chimbel IT Park and Porvorim technology park was held for the media in a city hotel.
Responding to concerns raised over the Chimbel IT project, Khaunte said the Chimbel IT Park would come up in an area of only 12 acres, with 7 green buildings to be leased out to IT companies.
“Around 20 acres of developable land will be reserved for an event plaza and the rest will remain untouched.”
“The IT Park will also be 400 metres away from the Chimbel lake,” said Khaunte, while seeking to allay apprehensions raised on any possible damage to the lake.
“In Chimbel, there is a potential of around 7,000 jobs and around 2500 jobs in Porvorim."
“In Porvorim, the technology park will occupy an area of 3 acres. The structure in Porvorim will be modern, while in Chimbel, it will be an Indo-Portuguese structure," he added.
After the presentation, the white paper was also presented on the same.
Speaking after the presentation, Khaunte said there is a need to transform Goa into an IT destination, a knowledge destination.
“Policy and schemes are in place, industries are already coming in and we need to ensure that infrastructure is in place, adequate manpower is in place,” said Khaunte, adding that the government is working towards that direction through the projects in Chimbel and Porvorim.
“We are looking at hi-tech companies, which besides from providing employment to Goans, will also provide better salaries. Overall, the State is able to look at IT as a new economic avenue to support the State,” he added.
“When mining is down to around 1% of GDP and tourism industry is also facing problem, we are looking towards IT industry which is non-polluting,” Khaunte stated.
“The government is a facilitator and not into business or into industry. The government is creating these avenues for Goans who want to be based in Goa,” he added.

Minister rejects charges of pushing
IT park to facilitate pvt property

OLD GOA: IT Minister Rohan Khaunte rubbished allegations made against him by activists that he is pushing the IT Park project so that road access could be created for an adjoining property being developed by his brother, Rajesh Khaunte.
“What is the protest towards? The IT Park or land? One thing is sure they are changing subjects,” Khaunte shot back.
“Who is doing land grab? Who has encroached on government land? Who has fraudulently included their names through mutations? That will be exposed in the days to come and the media will come to know of the real reason of such persons in opposing the IT Park,” said Khaunte.
“The activists should come out with some substance before making personal allegations. If they have documents to prove that me or my brother own any land in Chimbel, let them prove it,” he further challenged.