Wed, 26 Jun, 2019

GTDC brings ‘light’ into high mast at Margao comunidade square

12th January 2019, 03:44 Hrs

the goan I network


Thanks to the Goa Tourism Development Corporation, the defunct high mast  lamp located near the Margao comunidade square was finally lit up with  LED lamps, illuminating the entire square and the surrounding market  area.

Power officials, who were at one point of time, planned to  dismantle the defunct high mast, but had left the mast as it is due to  the high cost involved in bringing down the structure, were quick to  point out that the high mast has been revived by the GTDC with the  promise to look after its upkeep and maintenance.

Assistant Engineer,  Electricity Carlos Fernandes informed that the department only provided  the logistic support to the GTDC to revive the high mast with LED  lamps, on the promise that they will look after the maintenance. He  conceded that though the high mast had been lying defunct without  illumination for over a decade now, but was not dismantled due to the  huge costs involved in bringing down the structure.

As the high mast  was re-commissioned on Friday evening, the entire area, including the  adjoining market area and the area where commuters from Salcete wait for  the buses to leave for their respective destinations, was lit up and  illuminated giving the comunidade a new lease of life.