Wed, 26 Jun, 2019

Ex-Goa Dairy chief pooh-poohs claims of milk export to neighbouring states

Faldesai fears it may turn into White Elephant on lines of Sanjivani sugar factory

12th January 2019, 03:43 Hrs

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Fearing that the Goa Dairy may turn into a White Elephant on the lines of the Sanjivani sugar factory because of mismanagement, former chairman of Goa Dairy Rajesh Faldesai on Friday pooh-poohed the claims made by the Administrator and Managing Director of the unit 

that the Dairy has started exporting milk to the neighbouring states.

Addressing the media in the presence of directors Anselm Furtado, Babu Komarpant and Ajay Desai, Rajesh Faldesai accused the Managing Director Raghunath Dhuri and Administrator Damodar Morajkar for misleading the members of the people over the issue of exporting milk. “It is an open fact that there’s surplus of milk production in Goa between October and January every year. This is nothing new. But, the Managing Director and the Administrator have gone to the town stating that the Dairy is now surplus in milk production,” he said.

He claimed that the Dairy has dispatched milk to the neighbouring states at reduced rates causing a loss to the unit, while demanding to know why the same milk was not utilised to manufacture ice creams and other 


Rajesh and the other three directors slammed the Administrator and the Managing Director for not taking the four directors into confidence while taking decisions concerning the dairy. 

“If the Administrator and the Managing Director does not want to consult or take the four directors into confidence, the duo may as well remove our names from the board,” he added.