Wed, 26 Jun, 2019

Mormugao Council to act on abandoned vehicles; likely to start pay-parking in port town

11th January 2019, 03:43 Hrs

the goan I network


The Mormugao Municipal Council (MMC) will soon begin taking action on abandoned vehicles lying in the municipality and is also likely to implement pay-parking at certain locations to deter parking of several bikes and cars belonging to rent-a-car and rent-a-bike agents.   

According to sources, several abandoned vehicles occupy space in the parking areas of the already congested city, causing an acute shortage of parking space for vehicles.   

“The MMC has received many complaints that there are 8-10 rent-a-bike agents in Vasco and as many as 10 bikes per agent occupy parking slots in prime locations of the city like old bus stand area and road in front of Railway Station,” said a source.  

“There are also 4 to 5 rent-a-car agents and they occupy the parking space near HDFC Bank. They get their cars early in the morning or sometimes at night and as long as a customer does not take their vehicles, they are parked on the roadside for several hours or even several days.”  

“The RTO insists on asking these rent-a-vehicle operators to have their own parking space before issuing such permits, but somehow these operators park vehicles in prime locations of Vasco city,” the source added.  

MMC Chairperson Kritesh Gaonkar said abandoned vehicles have been blocking parking space of other vehicles in the already congested port town.   

Speaking to the media on Thursday, Gaonkar there were a lot of abandoned vehicles in Vasco and MMC had received several complains from people in this regards.  

“The MMC had a meeting with the chief officer and police officials to work out a solution and I appeal to vehicle owners to clear the area and take their abandoned vehicles to any alternate location before MMC takes stringent actions.”   

“Vehicle owners should clear their vehicles which cause inconvenience to other motorists. The MMC will not tolerate any inconvenience to citizens and we may go in for scrapping of such vehicles if needed,” said Gaonkar.  

Councillor Saifullah Khan said the traffic police who have been focusing on issuing challan to motorists for traffic violation should also check for illegal parking on small internal roads in the suburbs of Vasco.   

“The MMC is likely to pass a resolution to implement pay-parking to deter people from parking their vehicles the whole day while they go to other locations to work.”  

“Several people park their vehicles along internal roads and keep the vehicle there for days, causing congestion and inconvenience. I appeal to the Traffic Cell to look into the matter as vehicles parked along narrow internal roads can affect the movement of emergency services like ambulances and fire brigades.”   

“The MMC will soon implement a pay-parking for rent-a-car and rent-a-bike agents who would park their bikes and cars on Vasco roads, even though the RTO insists that such agents should have their own parking space before applying for such 

licenses,” said Khan.