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Cop arrested, suspended after being drunk on duty

Story: The | Goan | 11th January 2019, 03:28 Hrs

PORVORIM: A police constable was arrested and later suspended after a video clip of him allegedly being drunk on duty and abusing an NGO activist went viral on social networking sites and a police complaint was later filed by an NGO.
Incidentally, the accused police constable Amzad Carol has been found to be a habitual alcoholic and was suspended twice on previous occasions, while his yearly increments were also withheld on account of his erratic behaviour on duty. Carol now faces an enquiry and police officials have decided to initiate strict action against him.
Speaking to reporters, the Goa State President of 'NGO -Life is Beautiful' Ashley Noronha said he had gone to the Porvorim police station on Thursday morning for some personal work, when the Police Constable Amzad Carol dashed against him at the entrance in an inebriated state and started abusing him.
“When I went to the police sub inspector's room, Police Constable Amzad Carol followed me and began abusing him again.”
“Some policemen on duty informed me that Carol is a drunkard and there have been cases against him. Later, I filed a complaint against Police Constable Amzad Carol,” said Noronha.
Expressing shock over the behaviour of the police constable, 'Human Rights Organisation' Vice President Aishwarya Salgaonkar said the very fact that police abuses an NGO activist in the police station indicates than NGOs are not safe in Goa.
“Such police staff who drinks while on duty and misbehaves with general public should be dismissed from service,” said Salgaonkar.
Superintendent of Police (North) Chandan Choudhary said, “Carol has been a habitual drunkard and was suspended twice on previous occasions.”
“He was given severe punishment by the department by denying him yearly increments and he had resumed recently,” said SP Choudhary.
Clarifying on his posting in Porvorim, SP Choudhary added: “He was not posted at any police station, but was sent to the District Line and since the office of the District line is located in the office of North Goa police superintendent at Porvorim, he was here at Porvorim.”
Acting on a complaint from the NGO, SP Choudhary immediately ordered the arrest of Carol under Section 34 of Indian Police Act and later suspended him.
“Drinking while on duty by police in uniform and misbehaving with the general public is an act which certainly tarnishes the image of police department. An enquiry will be conducted and strict action will be taken against Carol,” said SP Choudhary.   


Strict action will be taken
against errant cop: DGP

PANAJI: Director General of Police Muktesh Chandar on Thursday evening said strict departmental action would be initiated against the policeman who was found abusing an NGO activist in a drunken state while on duty.
A video of the cop vent viral on Thursday in which police constable Amzad Carol, apparently in an inebriated state, hurling abuses at an activist of the NGO - Life is beautiful - Ashley Noronha who had visited the SP's headquarters at Porvorim.
Noronha subsequently at a press conference highlighted the cop's misbehaviour and has demanded action.
North Goa SP Chandan Choudhary has already suspended the policeman and initiated action by registering a case against him.
Police sources said, Carol is an alcoholic and generally comes drunk on duty. He was suspended twice in the past, the source added.
“He even abuses his superiors but officers use to neglect his errant behaviour out of pity,” one of his peers said.
Though police have initiated action against the cop following Thursday's episode, the department could do Carol and several other such habitual tipplers in the police ranks a favour by offering them some counseling facility.