Wed, 26 Jun, 2019

Mining dependents gun for the heads of 3 State MPs

Another demonstration staged outside residences of elected representatives

Story: The | Goan | 11th January 2019, 03:27 Hrs

PONDA: Mining dependents affiliated to the Goa Mining People's Front (GMPF) on Thursday demanded the resignations of union Ayush Minister Shripad Naik, Rajya Sabha MP Vinay Tendulkar and South Goa MP Adv Narendra Sawaikar after accusing them of failing to resolve the mining issue.
These demands was made when the agitating mining dependents staged yet another demonstration outside the residences of elected representatives, barely days after meeting PWD Minister Sudin Dhavalikar at his house.
The protest march started from the Aguiar ground at Tisk-Ponda in the morning and the mining dependents proceeded to the residences of Tendulkar and Sawaikar at Khadpabandh-Ponda, where they staged a dharna outside their apartments till afternoon.
As both MPs were not at home, the agitating mining dependents demanded that a BJP legislator should address them at the site. But not a single BJP legislator turned up to meet them.
Ponda Mamlatdar Abhir Hede, Ponda Police Inspector Harish Madkaikar and a police team were present at the sites to avert any untoward incident.
Upset over the government's failure to resume mining activity, the mining dependents shouted slogans and demanded the resignation of the MPs for having nothing in the matter.
“So far, we have only received assurances and no concrete steps have been taken. Our MPs have done nothing to restart mining and hence, they should resign,” claimed Vinayak alias Balaji Gauns, president of Dharbandora Taluka Truck Owners Association, during the agitation.
“We were told that the required amendments to restart mining will require the support of Congress, when it is tabled in Parliament. As such, we met and sought the help of Congress President Rahul Gandhi. He gave us full support.”
“But the BJP failed to table the amendment. This government is fooling us and hence, all the three MPs of Goa should resign,” insisted Gauns.
The mining dependents later shouted slogans outside Vinay Tendulkar's apartment, with the agitators chanting “Hamari Mange Puri Karo, nahi to Khursi Khaali karo” (Fulfil our demands or vacate your seats).
Goa Suraksha Manch leader Subhash Velingkar was equally vociferous against the BJP, who criticized the saffron party for playing with the sentiments of the mining dependents.
“It was responsibility of MPs from Goa to take efforts to resolve the mining issue, but they they failed to do so.”
Commenting on the absence of the MPs from their homes, Velingkar said: “They are avoiding to meet mining dependents as their lies will be exposed. They are not in position to face the people. Hence they are hiding.”
“The BJP government has utterly failed to resolve the mining issue and the mining dependents will teach them a lesson during the elections. Mining dependents agitated in Delhi, but the BJP ministers did not come to meet them. They have failed to keep their assurances and are trying to fool the people. If MPs have no commitments towards the people, they should resign,” Velingkar added.
GMPF Convenor Puti Gaonkar condemned the MPs for not being available to them on Thursday, although the mining dependents had wanted to meet them. “These MPs are trying to fool us and I condemn their absence,” said Gaonkar.