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500 organic clusters to be set up across State

11th January 2019, 03:19 Hrs

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Organic farming is set to get a big boost in the State, with the Centre restoring the 500 organic clusters to Goa and with Agriculture Minister Vijai Sardesai saying the 500 organic clusters will be set up across the State to revive barren cultivable land.  

In another development aimed at spreading awareness on organic farming and take the mode of cultivation to the nook and corner of the State, Sardesai announced that the government would this week finalise an agreement with an Israeli company Green 2000 to set up a centre of excellence for organic farming in Goa at the Codar farm.  

He further said the government is seriously toying with the idea of a tie-up with a private company to set up cold chains to preserve local vegetable such as tambdi bajji and onion with the objective of providing good rate to the local farmers for their produce.  

The Agriculture Minister further unveiled plans to revive poly house scheme for the farmers, by even providing post-harvest support for the produce.  

After inaugurating the AgriGoa exhibition at the Ravindra Bhavan, Margao on Thursday, the Agriculture Minister said the Centre has re-allotted the 500 organic clusters for Goa after successful lobbying by the State government. “We will allot these 500 organic clusters across the State with the sole aim to bring barren land under cultivation. Whoever comes forward to avail benefit out of the 500 clusters will be given the benefit,” Sardesai said, saying Goa is the right State to go for organic farming.  

He said organic farming will benefit the State in two ways, provide safe food for the Goan population and also protect the ecology and environment through sustainable agriculture. We are aware of the problems relating to organic farming as the farming is not considered cost effective, but we will provide the required facilities to make organic farming attractive to the Goan farmers,” he said.  

The Agriculture Minister pointed out that a host of factors, including the fact that Goa is considered a progressive State with high quality of life and highest standards of food safety, make the State the right State to go for organic farming.  He said the department will lay heavy stress on community farming to revive agriculture in the State.   

“Farmers who join hands to cultivate barren land will get the infrastructural facilities. We have identified certain areas for community farming, including Navelim village, St Estevam and Panzorconne where farmers have evinced keen interest,” he said, adding that bringing barren land under cultivation will be given priority under short-term measures.   

He said the government will support zero budget agricultural methods such as employed by Krish Yog and also mechanised farming initiated by a priest at St Estevam. 

“We will support anyone and everyone who contributes to achieve brand Goa in agriculture,” he added.  

On the centre of excellence in organic farming in Goa, Sardesai said the farmers interested in organic farming will have the opportunity to see for themselves the progress made in organic farming. “We will finalise the agreement with the Israeli company within this week,” he added.

Govt to tie up with Dutch firm to 

create Goa orchid: Vijai

MARGAO: Agriculture Minister Vijai Sardesai on Thursday said the State government will tie up with a Dutch company to create a Goa orchid which will resemble the National Tri colour.  

“Goa has a distinct identity and with the State bracing up to celebrate Opinion Poll day on January 16, the government will tie up with a Dutch company, which is an expert in flowers to create a Goa orchid,” he told the media here on Thursday.   

“The MoU will be reached with the Holland-based company to create the Goa orchid. The orchid will resemble the National flag. Around 65 types of orchids are being tried to create the Goa orchid. They are close to my expectation,” he said.

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