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Indian science living in mythological past

In science there is nothing as it was in the beginning, it is now. Science is always active and reactive. Questions not faith govern scientific endeavours

09th January 2019, 03:48 Hrs

Last week both the print as well electronic media were full of startling statements made by the scientific community at large at gala meets and conferences. In my recent article, I had indicated that astrophysics and genetic engineering are both moving very fast, making research and discoveries made a few years ago redundant or obsolete.  

However, Indian scientists seem to make a hash of science and scientific discoveries by blending applied scientific achievements with Indian mythological epics. Although organ transplants and gene editing is within the reach of modern medicine; to state that “Lord Ganesha” was the product of organ transplant, which was practiced and improved upon in ancient India, seems to have far reaching consequences. It was alright for politicians perhaps to dish out “scientific howlers” to help score political brownie points. Nobody takes Indian politicians seriously. However in the last 5 years, even Indian scientific community has been the butt of ridicule.

Every Science Congress held over the last few years, have seen Indian scientists lose their creativity in pursuing applied and pure research and, use the opportunity provided to them at National Conferences to dish out mythological jargon of ancient Indian texts. While the world appreciates Indian epics; Ramayana and Mahabharata, the Panchatantra tales and our Vedas for the creative, spiritual and moral dispensations, to extend the technological achievements of the world to “Ancient India” is not only stretching the scope of mythology to ridicule scientific achievements but demeaning scientific temper as well. In scientific achievements; say organ transplants, it is not a one off imaginary tale, like in mythological or religious beliefs, where there is only one Hanuman or only one individual capable of rising from the dead, etc, Fish tail mermaids or imaginary angels with wings do not appear in scientific texts as of present. 

In science experiments are duplicated, replicated or repeated.

It was ridiculous for Indian scientists to declare at the Science Congress 2019 that Einstein’s equation E=Mc2 or Newton’s theories of gravitation forces are fallacious and worth ignoring. In science there is nothing absolute and permanent. True Newton proposed his theories, within the realms of the knowledge and technology then available to him so also Einstein did not have radio telescopes with high precision in space, yet he mathematically deduced his path breaking equation. Surely, as years roll by the devised technology would be able to take man across millions of planets, and galaxies enabling him to find a human habitable planet somewhere across the Universe or immortality in cellular biology could then be made available. However this is the subject for futurology. Indian science and scientists are sadly living in the past and justifying Indian Mythology to modern scientific development, which is atrocious. 

In science there is nothing as it was in the beginning, it is now and it will be the same forever and ever. Science is always active and reactive. Questions not faith governs scientific endeavors. Last week news flashed that “Egg per day keeps the doctors at bay”. The common man, who has been told till now to avoid egg yolk, red meats to protect oneself from heart attacks and strokes, is now told that avoiding eggs and meats makes one liable to diabetes. Similarly we have confusing scientific revelations about oils. 

Our people in Goa have failed to tune their mind to train the body; as a result we have failed to listen to our biological clock. We treat our body as a machine mechanically and ritualistically. Ritualism-religious or otherwise is destroying Goans. Just two generations back, there never was a wide variety of processed and packaged foods as we see today. Due to abuse of hormones, antibiotics, pigments, preservatives and packaging unsafe for health, our body often is subjected to abuse, sometimes unintentionally or unknowingly taking poisons. How many amongst us realise that, as and when one takes medication: antibiotics painkillers sleep enhancers or beauty enhancers, anti-acids gastric aliments, more often than not we offer ourselves for side effects. 

How many of us know that in our brain as well as in our body there are opiate centres or even hormonal secretions which act as pain killers. Do we realise that our mind can control our body if we only care to exercise our mind?

The human mind is an amazing gift. You really do not require any other person to tell you when to sleep, wake up, what to eat, and when. Your biological clock tell you what exactly is good for you. Why does a person, if he is sincere in his purpose, would realise and repel alcohol if he had abused it earlier or a day before? Of course, one has to be judicious and seek advice from experts, if one is unable to understand and fully utilize the potentials of the Biological clock”, a precious gift of “Mother Nature”. 

A balanced diet, a mixed meal and variety of foods is the secret to healthy living. Genetic disposition and environment too plays a vital role and adopting one selves to nature; be it climate, season and geomorphology. In Goa we have to acquire the richness of fish, curry, rice, chapattis Goan vegetables or bananas, and avoid insisting on apples, oat meal or consider continental foods as healthy exclusively.  

In the ultimate analysis, I wish to end by emphasizing that, if one has to get the benefits of nature’s bounties, one must enjoy what the nature provides in its entireties, as per its availabilities, through seasons, and geographic adaptabilities free of doctored regimentations dictated by external considerations away from your “Biological Clock”. 

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