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Durashine Galleria: To take care of your Cladding needs

Tata BlueScope Steel has recently launched Durashine Galleria in Porvorim with an objective of spreading awareness among consumers about the benefits of roof and wall claddings made up of steel, and coated with aluminium and zinc. Such claddings are not only environment friendly but they also easy to maintain and long lasting

07th January 2019, 03:04 Hrs

Karan Sehgal  

Do you know that cladding, if properly chosen and installed, can reduce the temperature inside a building? Are you aware that corrosion-resistant cladding is available in the market, which can be of immense use in a high-monsoon state like Goa?  

Clearly, there is a lot, which claddings can do apart from being used on the front of a building merely for  beautification. Now, in order to spread awareness among consumers of Goa about the benefits of claddings, Tata BlueScope Steel has recently launched Durashine Galleria in Porvorim.  

What is really intriguing is that Durashine Galleria in Porvorim is the first such store in the whole of India? So what made Tata BlueScope Steel to come to Goa to start their first Durashine Galleria store?  

Riten Choudhury, managing director, Tata BlueScope Steel, said, “In Goa, unlike other places in India, architects are involved in construction of even small houses. But, in other states, local fabricators go out and find a product for a consumer. That’s why customers are better informed about claddings here in Goa.”  

He continued, “The other reason is Goa is a coastal place. Our steel cladding has coating of aluminium and zinc, which gives it four times higher resistant to corrosion compared to galvanized steel.”  

The roof and wall claddings offered by Durashine Galleria are really appropriate for hot and humid weather of Goa. And the company is banking upon this aspect to attract consumers in the state.  

Choudhury said, “We use BlueScope patented paint for our claddings meant for external roof. This paint helps in reducing the temperature inside the building by around five degree Celsius. With Durashine roof cladding, temperature inside of a building will be 5 degrees less than compared to something made of galvanized steel. This of course helps in reducing expense on air-conditioning as well.”  

Choudhury further said that his company also offers claddings for internal use in a building, which help in noise reduction, which is really useful if used for offices.  

He explained, “We have cladding, which is used in the inside of a building. It’s an insulated panel, which helps in partitioning of buildings and offices. You have steel on both the sides and in between insulation, which helps in noise reduction and also in reducing the temperature.”  

Even though steel cladding has benefits, but a lot of consumers still prefer using brick and traditional materials for construction. Unless there is a strong reason to shift to steel, such consumers wouldn’t do so.  

Choudhury said, “Steel is 100% recyclable and hence is environment friendly. Moreover, we don’t use lead in any of our paints, which makes the whole manufacturing process far more expensive for us, but we have taken a decision to not use lead in paints so that our products are good for environment.”  

“Life of steel cladding is much more than any other construction material. Especially in heavy rainfall areas, steel based solution for roofing increases the overall life of a building. In such a cladding, grooves are built in a manner that water doesn’t stay on the roof. Hence no corrosion and longer life of a building. Moreover, it is easier to maintain,” he added. 

On an average, consumers may be more aware in Goa about cladding, but still they are prone to make certain type of mistakes. For example: one can easily see aluminium cladding outside commercial buildings just to give them a glossy appeal, which may or may not be good for buildings. So are people in the state making some mistakes about claddings, which they should be avoiding?  

Choudhury said, “We have seen that people use lower class of fasteners. You need class 3 fasteners for fixing a roof. Low quality fastener will cause corrosion and the roof will get damaged. We train our dealers and fabricators so that they know the benefits of high class fastener and they don’t make such mistakes. Using low quality fastener is like using cheap thread in stitching a good quality fabric.” 

He further said, “Old Goan houses have teak wood frames, which is an old system. Now, wood is so expensive that it doesn’t make much sense to use it. We supply steel purlin on which roof is bolted down. In purlin, we recommend 120 or 180 gram of zinc coating. Anything less than this is not recommended.”  

The objective behind setting up Durashine Galleria is to educate consumers about all the aspects of coated steel claddings. Even before this store was set up, Tata BlueScope Steel was selling claddings in Goa through its channel partners and the company already has 25% market share in this segment.  

Now with the store in Porvorim, it will become easier for the company to make the consumers more aware about its products.  

What Durashine Galleria offers to the customers?  
Durashine Galleria – a concept of Tata BlueScope Steel – offers steel claddings, which are environment friendly, long lasting and easier to maintain for residential as well as institutional use.  
The store has claddings which have coating of aluminium and zinc making them four times  higher resistant to corrosion compared to galvanized steel.  
BlueScope patented paint used for claddings meant for external roof helps in reducing the temperature inside the building by around five degree Celsius.  
The store also offers claddings for internal use in a building, which help in noise reduction, which is really useful if used for offices.  
Their cladding has grooves built in a manner that water doesn’t stay on the roof, which makes them more resistant to corrosion.  

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