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Dabolim airport interiors to get a Goa feel, AAI floats tender

17th December 2018, 03:37 Hrs

the goan I network


In a bid to give the international airport at Dabolim a more local feel, the Airports Authority of India has called for bids to ramp up the interiors and aesthetics of the lounges and precincts of the terminal buildings with artwork depicting Goa’s freedom struggle, its culture and art.  

The proposal totally worth Rs 1.2 crore, calls for decorating the pillars at the entrances and the footpaths along the approach roads with adequate paintings. It also calls for bids of sculptures to be placed at various vantage points inside the terminal buildings.   

“The Pillars of the entrance to be covered with box pattern with suitable quality material and then Goan art culture to be depicted,” states one part of the tender. It also specifies miniature figurines and/or sculptures one each side of the footpaths along the entrance road.  

The art work should display elevated type miniature, sculpture and figurine as another specification mentioned in the tender document is for a 2.5 metres by 3-metres sculpture made in fiber glass or metal or a combination of both to be placed in front of the escalators inside the terminal building.   

In the lounges, art work display with a sculpture made with fiber glass or terra cotta to depict “Goan Culture” is proposed across the side wall face of 15-metres width and 2.5 metres height. 

The tender also seeks proposals of artistic work to be displayed on existing portal frames of the building with long life paint. Another art work for this floor calls for depiction of a panoramic view, any wide angle view of a physical place either in painting or three dimensional in a size of 9x4 metres.   

Along the side wall face at the Gate areas, it is proposed to put up printed film art work graphics of suitable design covering the ACP partially and extending to the ceiling to maintain the continuity. And in the passage area for passengers, a sculpture made in fiber glass with a strong base or a combination of fiber glass and smooth metal of a size of up to 1.5 m and height of up to 2-metres is proposed.

Along the Apron wall face, the tender proposes some photography display on both 

sides possibly depicting the journey of Goa, specifying “black & white sepia” of the 19th & 20th centuries. It also suggests different country faces and Goan craftsmen characters in a mix of painting, cutouts with padding, colour scheme illustration may be used as canvas.   

On the first floor corridor a high height sculpture either of wood or of a combination of fiber, wood and metal is proposed. The sculpture should create an impact of visualization from upper floor the tender document specifies.  

Work depicting the seashore and birds, different beach locales of Goa in the form of raised art and a detailed 9.5 m x 8.2 m sculpture showing the freedom struggle movement of Goa in a combination of fiber glass, metal and wood is also proposed at another vantage point on the second floor of the terminal building. 

On the first floor’s arrival immigration area a multi-level, multi-layered illustration of 14 m x 10 m size which can be mix of painting, cutout with padding showing Indian culture to give a glimpse of India is proposed.