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MPDA approving mega projects in Sancoale despite objections: Alina

17th December 2018, 02:32 Hrs

VASCO: Expressing anguish over mega housing projects in Sancoale, Cortalim MLA Alina Saldanha on Saturday has said despite her objections the MPDA has been approving mega projects in the village.
“Three mega projects with a total of 3,000 units approved during the last tenure are at different stages of construction. Though these projects have been approved by the MPDA and have also obtained NOCs from the electricity and PWD (water) Department, the ground reality is totally different,” said Saldanha, while speaking to The Goan.
“Basic amenities like water and power are lacking, while sewage and garbage infrastructure is not in place in the village.”
“It is well known that much of Sancoale, especially the MES area in the village, has a rocky surface and as a result, soak pits overflow and sewage is often seen flowing in the gutters, as there is no centralized sewerage system in place.”
“Our apprehension is that the same may also occur in the proposed mega projects,” said Saldanha.
Saldanha stated that in most cases, availability of power, water and sewage and garbage infrastructure is not ascertained before giving clearance by authorities concerned.
“With the construction of an overhead water tank at Zorint during the last tenure, people of MES area got their water problems solved and are presently at peace.”
“However, this situation will definitely change after the construction and occupation of these mega housing projects in the area, as no further arrangements are contemplated to augment the existing water, sewage, garbage and power requirements,” said the Cortalim MLA.
She also said necessary road infrastructure is not in place in many places in Sancoale.
“The only available road is the MES college road connecting NH17B which, at present, is barely coping with traffic and pedestrians in the MES area. How can this single road cater to the needs of all these new mega housing projects with over 3,000 dwelling units?”
“Availability of basic amenities like water, power, garbage and sewage at the site is the responsibility of local panchayats. Members of these local bodies have to ascertain that these basic amenities are available on site before granting construction licences and occupancy certificates," said Saldanha.
“During my last tenure as MLA and member of MPDA, I had objected to many such mega projects. However, such projects have been approved. Planning demands that we keep in mind the small size of our state. We must remember that we are not the last generation to live on this planet. Let us also save some land for the future generations to build upon," said Saldanha.