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Now, Indira Nagar residents oppose IT Park at Chimbel

17th December 2018, 03:31 Hrs

The Goan Network
Old Goa
Even as the Chimbel panchayat rode on Indira Nagar residents to pass a resolution supporting the IT Park, realisation seems to have slowly dawned on the residents of the negative effect the resolution could have on the future of Indira Nagar locality.
To apprise about the danger, concerned residents supported by NGO Goa Helping Hands organised a meeting at Indira Nagar on Sunday, and resolved to oppose the IT Park at any cost.
Speaking at the meeting, resident Aslam Khan informed that if the government goes ahead with the IT Park, then the next target would be to move Indira Nagar locality out as it would become an eyesore.
“Therefore, to save our houses and our locality we have to unite to strengthen the hands of Mummy (Victoria Fernandes) and Rudolf who have already begun their battle against the IT Park,” Khan added.
In support of the claim, an audio was played wherein the IT minister speaks about the creation of Indira Nagar by an ex-MLA and that these types of things would not be tolerated.
Various speakers then reminded the people about how Indira Nagar was saved by Victoria Fernandes in 1989 when it was to be demolished and opined that now too, only Victoria and Rudolf can save Indira Nagar from the imminent danger.
Speakers also lambasted the panchas of Indira Nagar for bribing a few residents of Indira Nagar and fooling them into supporting the IT Park at the recently held Chimbel gram sabha.
“These panchas have been bought and are now bent on supporting the IT Park without realising the implications for Indira Nagar locality,” one of the speakers alleged.
Speaking on the occasion, former MLA Victoria Fernandes said that she will always be with the people of Indira Nagar and will not allow anyone to touch it.
“I fought for saving your locality earlier and now too I will fight,” Fernandes said and stated that she is with the poor.
“The one who serves the poor serves God,” she added while informing that she will not allow bad things to happen to Chimbel either in the form of the IT Park or otherwise.
Rudolf Fernandes forewarned the residents that the IT Park is being used to develop a road to a property bordering Indira Nagar.
“After this road is built, it will give access to this property where huge buildings will come up and then Indira Nagar will become the obvious target,” Fernandes stated and urged the residents to rise against the IT Park before it is too late.
“We have thrown out PDA, TCP ordinance and other ills that would affect St Cruz constituency and if the people support us, then we will throw out the IT Park as well,” Fernandes said to a thundering applause from the crowd.
“The government has an eye on the land at Indira Nagar and if the IT Park becomes a reality, then the next target would definitely be Indira Nagar,” he opined while urging the residents to gather in large numbers for the mega meeting to be held at Chimbel on January 5 to oppose the IT Park.