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Can change Goa if given a chance to lead: Lobo

Lashes out at Parrikar on his birthday

14th December 2018, 04:58 Hrs

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Deputy Speaker Michael Lobo on Thursday launched into yet another round of bashing his own party and stated he would bring in change if given the opportunity to lead 

the State.   

“He (Parrikar) is my leader but again on his birthday I am cautioning him,” Lobo said, and rued that no party leader was thinking of the State’s 


Interestingly, Lobo chose the birthday of Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar and following the BJP’s defeats in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh, for his outbursts to the media. Lobo said, the moment you are not in connect with people at the grass-root level, people decide your fate, while referring to his party’s debacle in the elections in North India.   

Lobo also directed his criticism at the policies of the Central government saying GST has hit the common people.   

“People are supreme. India is a democratic country. We have seen stalwarts losing elections in India and Goa also,” Lobo said.   

“Even RERA has halted the construction business and a lot of supervisors, engineers and other clerical staff have become jobless. Labour force like masons are suffering because of this,” he said. On mining Lobo said: “Somebody from Central government has to come out openly on the issue. They can’t be silent. Auction or amendment to the existing MMDR law, somebody has to say it.”   

Critisicing his own government’s policies, he said the tourism sector is unplanned and the quality of tourists coming is poor.  “If I am given the chance I can change the scenario,” Lobo said.   

“The chief minister is the responsible person and the Prime Minister has to speak on the issue for definite,”

Lobo said.