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Youth Congress wants Parrikar’s resignation as ‘birthday gift’

07th December 2018, 05:43 Hrs

MARGAO: Saying that administration in the State has been paralysed over the last nine months due to the Chief Minister’s illness, the Youth Congress on Thursday demanded the resignation of Manohar Parrikar from the post on December 13, on his birthday.

The Youth Congress activists have warned that they will chalk out a future course of 

action if the Chief Minister 

does not put in his papers 


Addressing the media, Youth Congress president Varad Bandodkar said that the administration has totally collapsed in the State, which has hit hard the development as well as decision-making. “Coalition Ministers and MLAs themselves time and again have conceded in public forums that the State administration has collapsed because of the Chief Minister’s sickness. Ministers Rohan Khaunte and Vijai Sardesai have spoken their mind out on the issue in the public. Sanguem MLA Prasad Gaonkar is on record saying that he has not seen the face of the Chief Minister for the last nine months,” Varad added.  

Saying that the law and order situation in the State has collapsed, the Youth Congress president pointed to the police brutalities at the Nehru stadium and at Betul. He said the Rs 1 crore drug seizure at Anjuna and the police failure to expose the accused in the Pissurlem industrial estate drug haul is evident that the law and order situation has hit a low.  

On the unemployment front, the YC president said that young Goan engineers are heading to other states for want of jobs at home. “Because of the failure to create additional jobs, the existing industries are exploiting the Goan youth by offering wages as low as Rs 8,000-10,000,” he said, while criticising the government for its failure to bring in new industries.  

He said the mining front is not better, with the ruling government only fooling the mining dependents with empty promises. “The fish issue remains unresolved till date even four months after the trade was disrupted. There’s still no solution,” he lamented.  

“The Youth Congress makes a fervent plea to the Chief Minister to give a gift for Goans on his birthday scheduled on December 13 by resigning from the post,” he added.  

Addressing the media, Youth Congress leader Archit Shantaram Naik has said the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has failed to live up to his promise to create one crore jobs, saying only 4.16 lakh jobs could be created in the last four years.  

He demanded to know why the GST on luxury car is pegged around six per cent, while the GST is as high as 12 per cent on tractors. “Our Prime Minister can attend the wedding celebration of celebrities but cannot spare a moment to meet mining affected people of Goa,” he added.   

He reminded the words of former MP late Shantaram Naik, who had said “the government will collapse on its own and we need not make an effort to pull it down and we should only focus on addressing people’s problems and nothing else, adding ‘Shantaram’s words are coming true in today’s scenario’.  

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