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Friday, 14 December, 2018

Unsung Hero: Vimal Shirodkar

Chandralekha Mestri, recalls her childhood memories about the Vimal Shirodkar, home-guard on Traffic duty, who retired on November 30 after 34yrs of service.

02nd December 2018, 03:38 Hrs

Chandralekha Damodar Mestri

As a child, whenever I used to visit Margao, I used to notice a women cop near Marliz zebra crossing. Her dedication toward her job used to amuse me and inspire at the same time. As I grew up, I was always curious to know more about her. Being one of the few female cops she made me realize about equality. Vimal Shirodkar, who retired after 34 years of committed service is nothing less than Kiran Bedi to me. For the past 34 years, from scorching heat to torrential downpour, she was seen zealously performing her given duties in an utmost manner. Of very kind and friendly nature, she always used to lend her hand to help school children and senior citizens cross the street. Marliz zebra crossing will miss its most faithful ‘servicewoman’. She has dedicated her life serving us. She is a real Hero for me. As she retires from her formal duty, I am going to really miss her as I cross that point where I used to see her every day. As many organisations recognised her contribution to the society, my best wishes to her in her retired life. God bless 

you Vimal.

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