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GORANTTI: Upholding family values

02nd December 2018, 03:32 Hrs

Tiatr Mogi

Family ties are always woven with threads of sanctity. A father is regarded as the head of the family in a patriarchal set up as in Goa. What happens with the entry of the daughter in law? Will she imbibe the values that are existing in her in law’s family or will she set up her own agenda to further her vested goals? Roseferns 93rd productions aims at throwing light on a family that is caught in the dilemma of family virtues against selfishness.  

Script: The script is slow paced stuffed with philosophical utterances that Roseferns is always known for. However there was nothing new in the script that could make this tiatr an outstanding piece of literature. The main plot has comedy as its integral part besides a few comedy sideshows outside the main plot. The kantos are well composed and sung too.

Comedy: The comedy is simple and managed to evoke not only smiles but laughter. However passing references to below the belt comedy could have been avoided. Comedian Netto is superb in his characterization but it was surprising to see that the bug of vulgar references in comedy has bit him too. He is one of the upcoming comedians on stage but the vulgar comedy will surely lead to his downfall. The lead comedian is well supported by the acrobatic Riston. Dorothy displays a lot of promise but again their reliance on vulgar references will prove her too costly

Sets: The sets are well designed and executed by Anthony de Ambajim but again the furniture in the rich set up was pathetic. For a director of Roseferns caliber how much will it cost to bring in some furniture to adorn the rich sets. Of late the ticket rates too have been raised from Rs 100 to Rs 150. The audience spends on tickets. Shouldn’t it get value for the amount that is spent?

Acting: The bug of desertion has hit the troupe very badly. However, Roseferns has managed to keep his cast afloat. Antonette de Maina is great as the assertive daughter in law. Socorro de Santa Cruz steps in the shoes of Ulhas Tari. Ulhas tari is missed and as a result all hard work put in by the veteran Socorro is seen in vain as he just cannot fill in the gap created by Tari. Rosario de Benaulim is too showy, he needs to concentrate on his basics. The new import Joylita from the troupe of Milagres is very impressive. A bright future awaits this young lass. Coming in place of the seasoned Roma, she was all at ease and portrayed her role with great maturity. The ageing Roseferns is slow but displays his grandeur in bits and pieces. The otherwise cool Creto appeared quite disturbed and offcolour with no punch in his dialogue delivery.   

Music/songs: The music is ear catching with Maestro Theo Alvares the bollywood musician in the lead and young sensation and music teacher Selwin playing seconds to the Maestro. The young Tremson on the drums set is very dynamic and hard hitting like his mentor Ivo de Benaulim. Arif on the keyboards too is very impressive not only in the band but also on the background score. Socorro de Santa Cruz and Joylita are very impressive in their solo renditions. Saby de Divar and Rosario de Benaulim are getting too monotonous in their range of topics and composition too. Creto had no life in his singing. Roseferns sings his solo in style. A duet by Rosario and Joylita, another duet by Socorro de Santa Cruz and Antonette, a trio by Antonette, Riston and Saby de Divar are well composed and sung.  

Direction: Even though there was nothing great in the storyline, the script had some philosophical dialogues, which made the tiatr interesting to watch and Roseferns manages to bring out the best from his team. The lights and background music too enhanced the performance. The only disgusting part was the vulgar references that an upcoming and good comedian of Netto’s stature became part of and that too in the presence of a young female comedian on stage.  

Roseferns has always adorned his presentations with richness of thought and one wonders why he is allowing the comedians to degrade his name at the fag end of his career. Is the society really corroded in its values? 

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