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Saxtti Masala

10th November 2018, 07:01 Hrs

Alliance partners wary of developments in BJP camp

Alliance partners seem to be watching with keen interest the developments unfolding in the saffron camp. For the moment, the alliance partners have no comments to offer as the major coalition partner has been hit by a wave of resentment from senior leaders. Both MGP chief Sudinbab Dhavalikar and Goa Forward party chief Vijaibab Sardesai know for sure that the developments unfolding in the alliance partner will certainly not keep the saffron brigade in good stead in the run up to the ensuing by-polls in Shiroda and Mandrem. They, however, in private say the partners have nothing to lose if the saffron brigade bites the dust in the by-polls. In fact, one of the leaders was clear in his perception that the regional players will indeed gain if the major partner loses the two seats. You know how?

Digambar frontrunner for CM!

Has the Congress leadership finally veered to the view that the best bet to lead the party is none other than former Chief Minister Diggu? Post-meeting of the Congress MLAs in the presence of Chellaji and Girishbab Chodankar, sources say the Party leadership has almost zeroed down on Diggu to lead the party in the event of the fall of the coalition government. Sources said the picture will be clear ahead of the by-polls for the Shiroda and Mandrem Assembly constituencies. For, many a Congress party leader and worker seemed to be of the firm opinion that the party leader, who will head the Congress government, should not only keep the flock together, but lead the party’s fight in the ensuing by-polls. Any questions?

Churchill in belligerent mood

Varca strongman Bab Churchill appears in a belligerent mood over the formalin in fish controversy. A fishing boat owner, the Benaulim MLA has not stopped demanding the arrest of wholesale fish association president M Ibrahimbai in connection with the detection of formalin in fish at the wholesale fish market in July last. The strongman firmly believes that no one would ever dare to add formalin in fish in the future if Ibrahimbhai and others are put behind bars. What Churchillbab, however, does not realise is that the government was quick to release the 17 fish laden trucks after the no nonsense FDA officer Ivabai exposed the formalin row. Will Churchillbab demand to know the powers that be responsible for letting off the trucks at the wholesale fish market?

Politicos don’t foresee mid-term polls

A mid-term poll is not rule in the State in the wake of political developments unfolding in the State. Seasoned politicos, however, doesn’t seem to foresee a mid-term poll in the immediate future. And, they are not in any hurry to woo their electorate ahead of the mid-term polls. Otherwise, consider this. One has not heard of any Minister, MLAs or their challengers throwing any birthday bash for their supporters of late. Sources in the know said Tourism Minister Babu Ajgaonkar was the latest Minister who celebrated a quite birthday. And, former Minister Joaquimbab Alemao, whose son embraced the Goa Forward party recently, reportedly headed to Bangalore to celebrate his birthday on Thursday with family. Any questions?

What’s Ibrahim’s next move? 

Is Ibrahimbhai fighting a losing battle against the Vijai-Vishwajit duo or has he something up his sleeves which he thinks will ultimately force the government to lift the stringent conditions on import of fish into the State. Ibrahimbhai’s veiled threats issued to the government have not evoked the desired response from the government, with Health Minister Vishwajitbab Rane in particular, treating the wholesale fish agents with disdain. But, the way Ibrahimbhai is going about, by going to the media, almost every alternate day, it appears he has a plan up his sleeves. Wait and watch.