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Colva locals challenge Vijai to save Gandaulim fly from being displaced

Vow to protect property rights of brother-sister duo

Story: the | goan | 10th November 2018, 06:59 Hrs


Colva villagers and NGOs on Friday threw a gauntlet at TCP Minister Vijai Sardesai to save an economically poor family hailing from the OBC community from being displaced from their over century-old mundcarial house and dispossess of their property rights if he truly believes in Goem, Goemkar and Goemkarponn.

Taking up cudgels for 51-year-old Mangala Pednekar and her 49-year-old mentally disabled brother are the Colva Civic and Consumer Forum and the United Goans Foundation, besides Colva villagers, as they vowed to protect the property rights of the duo at Gandaulim. They said that the co-owner has secured the property admeasuring 23,150 square metres without leaving any access to the brother-sister duo to enter and exit the property.

Addressing the media, Colva Civic and Consumer Forum Secretary Judith Almeida demanded strong action against the bhatkar, the Colva police and the TCP department for the mental agony and violation of the rights of this poor marginalised family. “This family, which has been living in this house for over 100 years, does not even have a toilet and their only source of water is a well built by the family many years ago. The duo were born and raised in the other rights column of the Form I & XIV of Gandaulim village,” Judith said.

She said the United Goans Foundation is moving the Vigilance department for an inquiry into the TCP department’s role in the entire episode, adding that the people will move the High Court if the need arises. “The TCP department in August 2018 had granted technical clearance for building a structure, swimming pool and a boundary wall for the property. The TCP has not bothered to check whether the rights of Mangala and her brother were taken care off,” she added. 

“In the plan, no access has been provided to this family. The inventory proceedings did not have a plan showing the division of property. No mutation is done showing sub-division, no changes reflect in the Form I & XIV. No conversion sanad done prior to construction. This is a low-lying land which has a huge storm water drain which collects water from various areas and empties it into a large pool, which is seen to be buried,” Judith claimed.

Saying that a boundary wall has been constructed with a large metal gate, Judith said in case of an emergency, this family is locked in and all their rights have been violated. “This issue was raised before the governor of Goa on October 30, but the poor family has received no relief till date,” she lamented.

Replying to a question, Judith said Pednekar has now moved the appropriate authorities with a plea to declare her as a mundkar of the property.