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Special sports section this IFFI

12th October 2018, 04:34 Hrs

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The delegate registrations for the International Film Festival of India 2018 kicked off. The opening and closing ceremony of the 48th International Film festival of India will be held on 20th and 28th November respectively at Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee stadium. The opening film will be screened at Kala Academy. Bhupal Ramnathkar is appointed as design consultant to assist Entertainment Society of Goa for décor finalization and during execution of the work for the 49th IFFI. This year too, IFFI promises to bring in the film bonanza through various sections during the festival.

Country Focus: This year, Israel has been finalized as the country focus and 6-7 films will be screened in this section.

Cinema of the World: Films from 64 countries have confirmed their participation in the 49th IFFI.

Homage Section: IFFI will pay a tribute to Late Sashi Kapoor and Late Sridevi and also a tribute to Late Vinod Khanna in a special Retro section. A special sports section has been introduced this year where 6-7 films in the category will be screened.  

Bioscope which was very successful last year, will be organised this year during 49th IFFI at SAG Ground and will open for delegates, non delegates and children. At Bioscope, four inflated theatres, for children’s cinema, Marathi cinema and Indian cinema will be installed. All theatres will have 5.1 sound systems and a seating capacity of 150 seats each.

Skill studio: At the center of the campus would be a studio that gives the youth glimpse into the opportunity of developing skills for a career in the film industry. This will be a great platform for the film enthusiasts and aspiring film makers to understand the different career opportunities within the film industry.  

Katta: From November 21-27 every evening, between 7.30-8.30pm , there will be an interview session with a film celebrity by a renowned film journalist at the Katta followed by public interaction.

Children’s activities: There will be special screenings of children’s films on holidays and AR/VR activities.

Special film section: This year the section will be dedicated to the Kapoors from Prithviraj Kapoor to Ranbir Kapoor and one of the Kapoors will be invited to inaugurate this session.

Programs: There will be a performing area with live music and international DJ playing after 9pm and an exclusive zone in the village for food and beverages and handicraft stalls, AR/VR games for people of all ages.  

For those who are yet to register themselves for the IFFI, then you can visit here

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