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Rising sea water and huge waves flatten many shacks, disrupts ongoing work building temporary structures; heavy sand erosion at Agonda

Story: The | Goan | 11th October 2018, 02:52 Hrs

PANAJI: Just over a week into the start of the tourism season in the State, the ghosts of the rising waves that wreaked havoc in the year gone by have returned back to haunt the operators of shacks in the coastal belt. Taken unawares, many in the business of shacks ran to elevated points on land in the vicinity of the shores even as their temporary structures lay submerged and shambled by the furious surging waters of the Arabian Sea on Wednesday.
Surprisingly, the local MET department had not issued any alerts on rise in sea water along the coast. Fears of another high tide late in the night kept quite a few worried and pondering over the situation that could arise if the destruction is large scale.
Some of the beaches across the State that bore the brunt of the nature's fury on Wednesday morning were:

A shack under construction collapsed in the morning, moments after the beach was inundated with sea water while other shacks withstood the nature’s fury, the shack owners, however, shifted their goods and beach items to a safer place along the sand dunes.

A wooden culvert was damaged and inundated by the rising sea water, even as the entire Majorda-Utorda stretch of the beach witnessed the ingress of sea on Wednesday morning.

Unlike the Betalbatim-Majorda-Utorda belt, the beach shacks being erected were unaffected. But the rising sea water inundated the beach right up to the life guard tower, leaving hardly any space for visitors.

Huge waves pounded the coastline, causing alarm among residents. According to residents even though were were no obvious signs of a rough sea, strong waves began striking the coast with considerable intensity, reaching close to residential areas.

Sudden rise in sea water caused panic among shack owners along the beach belt in North Goa
Although there were no reports of damage, sea water made its way inside shacks on Wednesday mid-morning.    

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