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Celebrating ‘Golden Goa’ on American shores

06th October 2018, 02:16 Hrs


Invictus Films Inc, USA led by Effie Tavares and Gladston Tavares in collaboration with the Goan Association of New York, Goan Association of New Jersey, Goan Association of Hudson Valley -NY, St Xaverian Group - Philadelphia - PA, United Goans of New Jersey and Goan Overseas Association - Washington DC organized the first ever World Goa Day in the New York Tri-State Area. The excitement of organizing this day on the theme of ‘Amchi Mathi - Amchi Bhas’ was huge and the Goans from Connecticut and Houston as well as the Mangalorean Catholic Association joined in.  

The day started with Fr Allan Tavares SFX invoking God’s blessings on Goans and Goa and evolved into a perfect celebration of Goan language, music, singing, dance, videos, games, cuisine and expert talks.

The American Legion at Rochelle Park, the venue for the day was exclusively transformed into a Goan village with nearly five hundred Goans thronging in. Goan Heritage presentations like Goan Corridinho, Kunnbi dance, Sao Joao dance, Carnival, Khell Tiatr, Saudades de Goa, Goenkar ani Goincho Mog were laced with entertaining additions like FC Goa, Urak ani Feni dance, solos and duets on Goa,  Rowdy Mexicans dance, song tribute to legendary Alfred Rose and Chris Perry, Goan Fancy Dress and Open Mic Talent contest. The different Associations branding their unique banners and T-shirts were unified and determined to echo aloud the joyful sentiment of being a Goan. While the floor vibrated with Goan performances the courtyard of the venue carried the mouth-watering aroma of Goan cuisine that was laid out by Goan chefs. It was a delight to see likes of sorpotel, shakoti, caffareal, chops, caldinho along with dosh, bebinca, bulinha in a setting of Goan Kunni and Ghumot. The kids corner provided space for Goan football. The day also provided a platform for a youngster, Melvin Barretto to screen his short film The Photographer. The Goan band Double Trouble from Houston and DJ Tom kept the crowd entralled while the hosts for the day, Loviena Mascarenhas and Christie Rebello kept the ball rolling.

Dr Suzette Barreto spoke to the gathering about primary health care as relevant to the Goan diaspora. Fr Allan Tavares sfx documented how  ‘Goem’ and ‘Goemkar’ is a unique world living heritage that needs to be protected and promoted in the world. He said “We need to promote tourism that brings the world to every ward of our villages to experience and be blessed by our golden heritage”. Effie Tavares, the producer of this show, while thanking everyone urged the crowd to let this day grow bigger each year. World Goa Day 2018 at New Jersey was indeed a loud exuberant echo of ‘Goemkars’ in USA.

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