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Brand My Business: The Ultimate ‘Online’ Boost

Two young entrepreneurs have come together to set up a new venture called ‘Brand My Business’, which is aimed at helping all sorts of businesses by giving a boost to their online presence of the business and also in its approach for it

01st October 2018, 02:20 Hrs

Karan Sehgal  

Are you aware that a bad review about your business on the internet can cause irreparable damage to your reputation? Likewise, a professional approach towards brand management on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and blogs can build your brand the way traditional ways would never do?  

In case, you are grappling to find an answer to the questions above, you don’t have to go too far because two young entrepreneurs from Margao, Mangirish Salelkar and Rohan Warty, have co-founded the solution that is ‘Brand My Business’.  

This newly established venture is aimed at enhancing value of your business by boosting your online presence using innovative marketing techniques, which are at the heart of online reputation management.   

‘Brand My Business’ provides a range of services like market research, digital marketing, telemarketing, online reputation management, personalised blogs and so on. But, why was the need felt to launch a business like this at this moment in Goa?  

Salelkar said, “Goa has always been endowed with great entrepreneurial talent. However, for long, it has been observed that this talent does not blossom into great businesses. There has been a dire need for a concept that will transform nascent as well as established businesses into realizing their full potential. This was how the idea of ‘Brand My Business’ was born.”  

“In this day and age of ubiquity of social media and search engines, business can only choose to ignore having an online presence at their own peril. The exponential growth of social media and internet usage has resulted in customers increasingly replacing traditional methods of buyer influencers (like friends, contacts etc.) with more objective and data reliant modes of information like websites, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter,” he continued.  

The fact that both Salelkar and Warty have already established businesses in the information-technology (IT) space does give a lot of strength and experience to ‘Brand My Business’. Salelkar is the chief executive officer of Umang Software, which is one of the leading IT services company in the state. And, Warty is the managing director of a business process outsourcing (BPO) firm called XervizWlobal.  

Salelkar and Warty are NizGoemkars, who are rooted in the soil and have a burning passion to be the vanguard for ‘new businesses’ in Goa. Both had a career outside of Goa but left it all to start new ventures in the state.  

It will be interesting to see how these new-age entrepreneurs like Salelkar and Warty are going to convince business-people, who have shown reluctance towards online channels. A lot of established businesses in the state, including even builders, architects, supermarkets and apparel stores, have so far stayed away from online marketing tools like a website, blogs, updates on Facebook & Twitter and also search engine optimization (SEO).   

Salelkar replied, “Modern consumers have indicated that they look at companies in a negative light if they cannot find them online. The internet also gives businesses an effective platform for showcasing what they have to offer, whether it’s a portfolio and testimonials from clients on a website, or an album on a Facebook page with photos of your newest products. We will impress upon the above facts to the companies, who have still not awakened to the new paradigm shift that business is witnessing.”  

While it is true that a lot of old businesses in Goa have stayed away from online presence, a number of new age businesses like travel companies, hotels and restaurants have adopted online media tools for aggressively reaching out to their consumers as well. Due to this, ‘Brand My Business’ is expected to have a sizeable clientele in the state itself.   

Interestingly though, the co-founders, Salelkar and Warty, aren’t stopping at Goa when it comes to their clientele, as they are also targeting businesses in other parts of India and in foreign countries as well. This is also possible because both of them have cut their teeth at attracting clients around the world through their respective ventures.  

Salelkar said, “My experience with international clients and prompt quality services based on standard operation procedures will help us steam-line this new business to deliver quality services following best practices and transparency in workflow. Our world class IT services will help businesses in their digital transformation, which is like creating a strong online presence with high quality websites and content driven blogs.”  

Warty’s forte is email marketing and market research, which will also give a boost to ‘Brand My Business’. The co-founders further informed that ‘Brand My Business’ has already helped a travel company in significantly growing its sales in a short period of time.   

“Despite adopting several approaches to boost their sales, a travel company was unsuccessful in increasing customer traction on their own. They approached us to help them solve this problem. We devised a very creative and ingenuous social media marketing plan involving multi-varied platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. This spectacularly improved their online visibility and online presence and cascaded directly into greater sales in a short while”, informed Salelkar.  

The current trend of digital revolution will ensure that more and more businessmen will realize the potential of internet in marketing, which bodes well for the co-founders, Salelkar and Warty. ‘Brand My Business’ has embarked upon an interesting journey, which is set to change the way a lot of businesses market themselves on the internet.

What ‘Brand My Business’ offers to 

its current and prospective clients

It provides online reputation management services to its clients, which takes care of a brand’s image on online platforms. No business affords to have people bad-mouthing it on online channels. Therefore, online reputation management is very important.  

It provides personalized blog services to businesses, which is very important to maintain a personal touch between a business and its customers.  

Brand My Business also has experience in providing email marketing and market research services, which are really crucial in modern day and age. 

Such services help a business in identifying a target segment and building a relationship with its customers.  

It helps businesses in developing better websites through search engine optimization (SEO). SEO helps websites in ranking higher in search engines.  

Other services like digital marketing, telemarketing and public relations are also there in the portfolio of ‘Brand My Business’.  

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