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This isn’t the first time GMC goofed up

30th September 2018, 04:14 Hrs

the goan I network
The bizarre lapse leading to the switching of bodies at the GMC mortuary and ending in the wrongful cremation of the body of a youth from Aldona may have shocked the State, but this incident is by no means unique or unprecedented at the GMC.  
Believe it or not, a similar lapse had reportedly occurred at the GMC mortuary about four years ago, when the wrong body was sent to the residence of the deceased. However, unlike the incident at Aldona, this incident had a favourable end and GMC promptly rectified the error.  
According to a source, the incident pertained to an elderly woman in Porvorim, who was being looked after by a nurse, as part of professional services offered by a welfare and charitable group.  
“When the woman passed away, the body was sent to the GMC mortuary to be preserved till some outstation family members arrived in the State,” recalled the source, who was aware of the incident.  
“On the day of the cremation, the body was sent to the residence at Porvorim and the nurse was shocked to find that the body was that of a different woman. The “wrong” body was then sent back to the GMC mortuary and the lapse was promptly rectified. The “right” body was sent back to the house in Porvorim and the cremation eventually took place,” the source added.