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Artefact damaged at Porvorim, GSIDC under fire for neglecting it

Story: the | goan | 13th September 2018, 01:48 Hrs


Some miscreants have damaged an artefact installed along the Service Road near Dona Leonar Memorial High School at Porvorim.   

Following the completion of the Service Road, the Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation (GSIDC) had installed nine artefacts, each costing Rs 70,000, to depict the social fabric of Goa in the vacant space between Service Road and the Panaji-Mapusa Highway.   

One such artefact of a fisherman holding a fish basket was installed near Dona Leonar Memorial High School.   

Some miscreants took away the fish basket and broke the fisherman’s right hand on the night of January 22. Neither did GSIDC register a complaint in this incident nor did it initiated steps to protect these artefacts by erecting a fence by the side of the Service Road or around the artefacts.   

A few days ago, the same artefact was found damaged completely, causing a loss to public property.   

Speaking to The Goan, GSIDC contractor Shawn Michael, who had installed these artefacts, said these have been made from glass fibre and each artefact is priced at around Rs 70,000.   

“I had written a letter to the GSIDC to erect a fence alongside the Service Road to protect these artefacts,” Michael said.   

Social worker Bhiku Sawant stated some people sit on the parapet of the Service Road in the night and drink alcohol. “These drunkards must have damaged the artefact. The GSIDC should immediately construct a fence by the side of the Service Road or around the remaining artefacts to prevent further damage to other artefacts,” said Sawant.