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Amendment to TCP Act gets Gov’s nod

31st August 2018, 07:32 Hrs

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Governor Mridula Sinha has granted assent for the amendment to the Town and Country Planning Act, 1974, incorporating the concept of transferable development rights (TDR) which was passed by the Goa legislative assembly in its recent monsoon session.   

Following the Governor’s assent, the State government has cleared the notification of the amendment for publication in the official gazette.   

The amendment introduces ‘accommodation reservation’ which provides for grant of additional FAR in lieu of land and built up facility to be acquired by the government. It also provides for grant of ‘transferable development rights (TDR)’ and ‘transferable development rights for posterity’ to land owners on whose properties the government will restrict development for conservation or environment protection purposes.   

Congress had approached the Governor not to grant her assent to the amendments and had also notified that it will challenge it before the HC for its constitutional validity as it oversteps the State’s powers and contravenes the Central land acquisition law.  

Several NGOs too had criticized the amendment saying it would open floodgates for indiscriminate and large-scale real estate development. They alleged the amendment had been done only to benefit those who have bought huge tracts of ‘no development zone’ lands at cheap prices.  

TCP  Minister Vijai Sardesai, however, has refuted these allegations and dispelled fears of the NGOs saying it is a pathbreaking concept.