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Soon, ‘practical’ evaluation for Class XII psychology students

17th August 2018, 07:59 Hrs

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Standard XII students who have opted for psychology as one of their subjects will for the first time be evaluated and allocated credits for a ‘practical module’ when they answer their final Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination (HSSCE) at the end of the current academic year.  

 The Academic Council of the Goa Board cleared the proposal at its meeting held on August 10.  

 The ‘practical module’ for the psychology subject was introduced for standard XI students for the first time during the 2017-18. 

But the Board was not clear whether it would be given credit weightage in final HSSCE until the Academic Council decided to do so last week. 

With this decision, the psychology subject which hitherto only had a theory component for Std XII, will now have practical activities including students being shown case studies through videos, and other activities based on their syllabus.   

Students will have to complete two practicals in the first term, and two in the second term, and will maintain a record of the same. 

Grading for the practicals will be purely internal, with faculty overseeing them.   

“The practicals are totally class-based activities, and will not go out of the syllabus,” Secretary of GBSHSE, Bhagirath Shetye told ‘The Goan’, adding that the module will have 20-marks for grabs.   

“The teacher will guide the student, a case will be given to students for eg. a behavioral case, that will be a practical activity based on the theory that they are studying,” he explained, while expressing confidence that the move would benefit students.   

The GBSHSE will hold a workshop on August 30 to train Psychology teachers from across the state on how to go about conducting the practicals. 

This is not the first time these students will have a practical component for the subject as this had been introduced to them in Class XI for the academic year 2017-18.