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New strategy for jobs in Goa: CM

17th August 2018, 07:58 Hrs

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Jobs is the mantra Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar will be banking on, in addition to big ticket infrastructure projects including the two Mandovi and Zuari bridges besides highway expansion, to shift gears and calibrate the political climate in favour of his ruling BJP in the run-up to the LS elections due in eight months.  

Over the last fortnight, Parrikar has harped on jobs on at least two separate occasions, first during the Monsoon session of the Goa legislative assembly and again on Wednesday through a video message greeting Goans on Independence Day which he dispatched from the United States where he is currently undergoing treatment.  

Also, on the eve of his departure to the United States, Parrikar gave his nod to fill up some 1500 vacancies in the government and also activated the State administration to kick start the recruitment process to fill these posts.  

In his Wednesday’s video message, Parrikar said an “employment policy” ensuring every Goan youth will get a job opportunity, is to be announced soon.

Parrikar said, his government has decided on a “new action plan” for Goa’s youth to get employment.  

Affirmative action through the time-tested subsidy to industry in lieu of employment for local Goan youth was specifically mentioned by Parrikar in the video message.  

The policy initiative, according to Parrikar, will hopefully ensure that no Goan youth will remain unemployed in the next two years, his video message claims. 

The CM also made it a point to focus on the big infrastructure projects being implemented in the State with assistance from the Centre.  

He thanked the Prime Minister for the help provided to Goa in embarking on the projects in his message.  

“Goa has reached a different level vis-a-vis infrastructure, thanks to Rs 10,000-20,000 crore assistance from the Centre,” Parrikar said in the message while mentioning the Mandovi bridge, Zuari bridge, National Highway 17, National Highway 4A.   

All these projects, he said, will be completed in a year or two, adding that in the field of education too his government was making efforts to improve the quality.  

Introduction of subjects such as personal hygiene, traffic sense, civic sense, garbage management and other value education aspects was being emphasized to ensure a new Goa, Parrikar’s message adds.