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Day-2 a mixed bag: ‘Goa Miles’ has miles to go

08th August 2018, 02:11 Hrs

the goan I network


Day one of the newly launched Goa Miles Taxi app was a mixed bag as the app saw its downloads surging to 10,000 on a single day from around 6,000 the previous day.   

On the other hand, several users raised issues of glitches in the efficiency off the app and its fares.

While the app is encountering teething problems, users were hopeful that with the necessary fine-tuning, Goa Miles will bring the much-needed respite from the exorbitant taxi fares in the State.

“We have been fleeced right through, now there is something which we can look forward to. All apps have initial glitches and with a little bit of troubleshooting, issues should be sorted out”, one user who wished not to be named told The Goan.   

The campaign page “Goa Taxi Revolution” which had initially started an online campaign for the starting of Ola and Uber in Goa, however raised several issues with the app.   

“The fare from Mall de Goa to Military Hospital is Rs184. The fare from Mall de Goa to Kala Academy (which is just opposite the military hospital was calculated as Rs 263). It turns out that the app relied on Google Maps which mapped the journey to Kala Academy after going all the way to Miramar to take a U-turn giving a fare higher by Rs 80,” Mahesh Sardesai who is a computer engineer said.   

Another user Shankar Murkumbi pointed out that short distances remain highly priced.   

“The fare from Panaji bus stand to Milroc Kadamba in sedan is Rs 350 and that of Panaji to Margao is Rs 980. These are quite on the higher side considering that in Pune for such distances you actually pay around Rs 120 and Rs 380 respectively,” Murkumbi said.   

Only 350 taxis out of 25,000 have registered for Goa Taxi app. Out of this there are 25 drivers who said they have joined GTDC only to operate through the airport counter and not for app. About 3,000 have “shown interest” which is a hopeful statement.  

The minimum fare is Rs 162 just to sit in the taxi for 6.5 kms. This means if you want to go from Azad Maidan to St Inez Church at 1km it’s 

Rs 162. So locals will continue to use their cars. The official Govt Taxi fare gazette does not have such minimum fare at 6.5 kms,” Sardesai added.   

Chairman of the Goa Tourism Development Corporation Nilesh Cabral had admitted that in the initial few days until the service is up and running there would be glitches and the service will get fully operational over the coming weeks.   

But not everyone is convinced.   

“I used the app. Saw only 6 taxis showing in Goa. Sadly, none near me all in Vasco. and when I booked it said no one is near you,” in a comment on FB.   

“In summary, the number of people using the taxi will be very low, mostly needy tourists. Locals will continue to use their cars. By the end of August the drivers who have registered will complain that they have not got enough business and will revert to old ways, failure will not be announced. By calling service like Ola-Uber, the Goans are getting fooled as usual. By not allowing new enrollments, here again Goans are getting fooled by calling this service like Ola-Uber,” Sardesaia said.   

“Goa Miles App service is miles away from other App based car services...The app itself is very slow to respond… You have to manually pinpoint the location on the map... you can’t search your destination by inputting into the search engine. Check the reviews you’ll see that it’s really old school. I’d rather use the local taxi drivers who i can trust than this app.And I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that I’m directly helping our goan brothers,” Roosevelt Rodrigues another commentator said.   

Others questioned why the Goa Miles app needs a counter at the airport if it is indeed app based and still others questioned the number of permissions the app is asking for on the Android Playstore.   

However, not everyone was unimpressed.   

“Ok, so I tried booking a taxi on Goa Miles from secretariat to Patto bus stand. Was quite smooth. Yes, there may be glitches but am sure with constructive feedback they would be rectified,” Sanchita Rodrigues posted on Facebook.  


10,000, a day after launch of app   


From Mall de Goa to Military Hospital: Rs 184

Mall de Goa to Kala Academy (which is just opp military  hospital): Rs 263

From Panaji bus stand to Milroc Kadamba in sedan: Rs 350


Rs 162 within 6.5 kms


The app itself is very slow to respond… You have to manually pinpoint the location on the map