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Friendship: An unsaid promise

05th August 2018, 06:47 Hrs

Siddhi Dole  

“The tales of Tom”, sounds a little off doesn’t it?Imagine the misery that would come upon Tom if he were to be in that household without Jerry. When you say Tom, it’s mandatory for Jerry to slip off your tongue because Tom without Jerry is the definition of incompleteness. The iconic duo wouldn’t have been the same without each other. Those who are lucky enough to have such a Jerry in real life have no dull moment in life. Afriend makes that dull moment a little less sad or more consoling. In a very realistic scenario your friend will probably laugh at the mess you are in so hard that you will get infected with the virus and burst out laughing. That’s what the most precious thing is isn’t it?  

Friendship is that ship which risks a low probability of sinking and even if it sinks you can always have a good time underwater watching the aquatic life because well, that’s what a friend is for! Keeping aside the idealistic definition of a friend who is all the goody-two-shoes, no one is actually looking for someone like that. In a world where every day is a masquerade party, finding someone who is authentic is much more valuable. Not that we all are 100% ourselves all the time; it is not possible. 

Maintaining weight at one point may be easy but a stable friendship requires patience and forgiveness. Both the parties should be equally crazy, lunatic and most importantly shameless by which we mean flinging away that thing known as ego. Once that is out, it is all fun and merry. It takes time to reach this level but once you achieve it,  it feels like you have climbed up all the way to the peak of the Himalayas with your buddy. Thanks to J.K Rowling we were blessed to come across a trio like Harry, Ron and Hermione. The chemistry  between them was par excellence and many may say they are just fictional characters reproducing the script that is given to them, but friendship like the one depicted does exist. Also, you must believe in magic for it to really happen. That’s why it is called magic! It all depends on your perception and flexibility to understand things from different viewpoints.   

Not saying it is all rosy and starry always. Rather nothing is ever the same as we live in a dynamic world. At times it may feel like riding a unicycle on the edge of a mountainous road whilst earthquake and at other times it may be a walk through the meadows of daises and lilies. Loyalty is key in friendships, and speaking of loyalty, Sherlock Homes wouldn’t have been the same without the trusty Mr Watson.   

 Fortunately the reality is not that bleak and the influences from books and movies trickled down in the real life as well. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are an example who belong to the ‘sisters from different mother’ category. They had their ups and downs but continued to hang on to their friendship. Harley and Davidson were childhood friends who are now famous worldwide for obvious reasons. When working with close friends, the synchronization most of the times if not always, leads to the creation of masterpieces. Which takes us to our next duo that is Vishal Shekhar who can make anyone sob with their touching lyrics and songs. The same can be said about the iconic trio Shankar Ehsaan Loy.  Also, one of the less known friendships of Bollywood is that of Salman Khan and Ajay Devgn. Similarly, Juhi Chawla and Shah Rukh Khan have remained friends over a long time.  

That said, some people are just meant to be together to create wonders and these gems stand true to the statement. Things may take a toll for the worst but those who tug along even then are the keepers and that is what friendship is all about.  

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