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Opposition falls short, TDR has a safe landing

31st July 2018, 07:30 Hrs

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The Goa legislative Assembly on Monday amended the Town and Country Planning Act to incorporate the concept of transferable development rights after the Opposition Congress move to refer the amending bill to a select committee was defeated by a 21-15 margin.   

Congress’ Taleigao MLA Jennifer Monserrate was absent and the lone NCP MLA, Churchill Alemao, who otherwise identifies with the Opposition, voted with the government.   

Passionate appeals by the Congress legislators against the government’s haste to adopt the law piloted by Town and Country Planning Minister Vijai Sardesai fell on deaf ears as the ruling coalition mustered its numerical superiority to see the amendment sail through without much fuss.   

The amendment, once notified and rules for it are framed, will entitle land owners development rights against their land or built-up accomodation lost to government acquisition.   

Under the concept, FAR proportionate to what the landlord loses will be issued, which the later may use himself or sell it to a builder or developer for projects elsewhere.   

The amendment also has a contentious provision which entails granting TDRs for development rights lost on land due to environmental curbs because of agriculture, eco-sensitive and CRZ zoning.   

Strongly backing the amendment, Sardesai earlier requested the Opposition benches not to press for the demand to send the bill to the select committee.   

“Contrary to common perception, the TDR policy is beneficial for public. It is not mandatory. It is voluntary. People have right to object if they are not interested,” Sardesai said.   

“By wanting to send it to a select committee you are only postponing relief to common man,” he added.   

In a political dig at the Congress MLAs, Sardesai further said that most MLAs in the Opposition had not studied the bill properly and their demand to refer it to the select committee was due to an external force.   

“You have got instructions from someone outside. You want to satisfy your boss with lungi...” the TCP minister taunted the Opposition.   

Defending his party’s decision, the Leader of Opposition, Babu Kavlekar said he wasn’t aware why the government was in a hurry to introduce the new concept.   

“This TDR concept has not been implemented anywhere in India. We must send it to the Select Committee for detailed study. Why the hurry,” Kavlekar said.   

Curtorim MLA, Aleixo Reginaldo Lourenco said that there was serious doubt in the minds of Goans on the TDR policy could actually help the builder lobby then the common man.   

“Somewhere doubt is created among the people. We have asked to send it select committee. So be magnanimous and send it to select committee,” Lourenco said.