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‘Korbott’, local shrimps make it to wholesale market, but for a price

21st July 2018, 03:39 Hrs

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“Korbott” from the coast and ‘manshe’ shrimps and river fish found their way in the wholesale fish market in small quantities on early Friday morning, but fish was beyond the reach of the common man on day two of the ban on the import of fish into the State.

A ‘vantoo of korbott’ was priced at Rs 500, beyond the common man’s reach. ‘Manshe’ shrimps was priced at a whopping Rs 1,500-1,800 per ‘bashe’ (plastic container). The less said the better of the river fish, which commanded a rate beyond Rs 2,000, certainly beyond the reach of the fish loving Goans.

Fisher women, who came to purchase fish at the wholesale fish market before heading to the villages, were seen making a beeline at wholesale fish market to lay their hands on the ‘manshe’ shrimps and fish.

Inquiries have revealed that while fresh ‘korbott’ and little quantities of fish came from the coast, especially from Hollant and Velsao, the ‘manshe’ shrimps came from the sluice gates from Salcete.   

A fisher woman from Cansaulim Piedade told the media that their men folk went out in the choppy sea with traditional gear and managed to net lepeos, crabs, shevttes, etc. “We used to sell the fish at the highway at Verna, but today we have come to the Margao wholesale fish market with the catch,” she said.

President of the SGPDA Retail Fish Vendors Association Felix Gonsalves told the media that fresh fish has not come to the market and whatever is being sold to the customers was purchased before the ban came into force on Thursday. “People are looking out for ‘manshe’ fish and shrimps, besides river fish and ‘manshe’ shrimps. Though these variety of fish came into the wholesale fish market, the quantity was not adequate enough to meet the huge requirements,” he added.

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