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Delicious Delights: Catering to your sweet tooth

02nd July 2018, 07:49 Hrs


Indians are born foodies, and most of them have a sweet tooth too. Desserts and sweets add to the sweetness of festivals all the more. There is no dearth of delicacies that are region specific but savoured by all across the lengths and breadth of this nation and some even transcending boundaries to win a special place on the shelves of supermarkets abroad. Most Indian sweets are now universally known and there are some lesser known, regional delicacies too which are made in lesser quantities and by a handful of sweet makers, sometimes at home.   

“While the big brands make and sell these sweets in bulk, there are some choosy clients who prefer personalised tastes and it is to cater to those clients that Delicious Delights is here with pure, authentic ingredients made with love and care,” announces Apurva Naik Chafadkar, the proprietor at Delicious Delights who currently offers around two dozen traditional Indian sweets and chocolates.  

Apurva admits that the concept of Delicious Delights was born out of sheer love for good food and the strong wish to share it with others. “I believe that food is something that one should share with others, known or unknown, kith and kin or complete strangers. This is more so because when you share food, you share joy and happiness and that’s what the tagline at Delicious Delights boasts of – Food. Joy. Share.”  

Speaking how the idea was conceived, Apurva, a BBA in finance and an ex-Park Hyatt admin, who holds a diploma in hospitality and aviation, shares, “After working for two years in Park Hyatt, I quit and preferred to be a home-maker. I had lots of time on my hand. One day, my neighbour came up with a request to make Mysore Paak for her. I was free and hence obliged her. My first product turned out to be the best and melted in the mouth. Everyone appreciated my skills in cooking. This was the beginning. More orders poured in. The word of mouth publicity helped me in getting more orders. So I thought why not make it my business model. So Delicious Delights was born during Diwali time, in 2017.”  

Today, this melting Mysore Paak is Apurva’s signature recipe. It sells like hot cake and is her customer’s most favourite product. So far Apurva has catered 200 clients and most of them keep coming back with more orders for her homemade sweets. Benefiting from her family’s love for food she shares, “we all are complete foodies so I keep experimenting in my kitchen. It was my passion towards innovating new ways of preparing various dishes and adding my special touch to them. I didn’t dream that my passion would one day make me an entrepreneur.”  

A one-woman army, blessed with a supportive family, Apurva runs this business from home, in Dhavali-Ponda. “To be frank, though I am the brain behind Delicious Delights, my family comes as my biggest support. My mother and mother-in-law, aunts and cousins, all of them are too happy to extend any help required. And the greatest motivation comes from my husband Suraj Chafadkar who has given me free hand to start and expand my sweet-making business and my little son Agastya who doesn’t disturb when I am busy, as I work from home,” admits Apurva who manages to offer 19 products including handcrafted chocolates under  ‘Delicious Delights’.  

Apurva also offers an original creation of her own recipe of making Gulkand Paan Laddoo and various other types of laddoos such as Ragi, Motichur, Besan, Wheat, Dryfruit, Methi and Dink. She is also an expert in making varieties in gourmet chocolates – plain white and milk, caramel, peanut butter, strawberry and butterscotch, coconut truffles, cashew nuts, raisins and roasted almonds, gulkand, liquor and assorted gourmet chocolates that melt in the mouth. The Shrikhand comes in three flavours – ilayachi, kesar and nuts. Her only product that is spicy is mixed veggies pickle.  

Where did she learn to make all these? Apurva smiles, “I used to help my mother in the kitchen when I was a teenager. I remember learning to make delicious Biryani when I was just 15, by just observing what my aunt did while cooking it. I just paid attention to what she did and how, and at home I could make a replica of that. I enjoyed experimenting in the kitchen. You learn when you try. And I have launched only those products which I am confident of.”  

“My customers prefer gifting ‘Delicious Delights’ products to their near and dear ones outside Goa, as well as outside India. But I haven’t got any export orders yet. I may try my luck in that sector too,” maintains Apurva who is planning to come with an outlet which will serve made to order, freshly prepared sweets using organic ingredients. But keeping fingers crossed, she says, “I definitely want to expand my playfield and am currently working on the concept however I don’t want reveal everything right now,” .   

“All the products are handmade and it takes a lot of hardwork time. But I enjoy seeing the smiles on the faces of my happy clients. Products like Mysore Paak, Kaju Katli and chocolates need lot of patience while Puran Poli needs time. I have created Facebook and Instagram page just three months ago and currently there are 100 + followers. The number is increasing. People call me and place orders. That’s why I have customers whom I have never seen or met. The orders are accepted on phone and delivered from my home. As of now, the clients come and pick up on their own,”she briefs.  

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