Saturday, 16 February, 2019

NGOs for law banning sale of land to outsiders

Story: The | Goan | 14th June 2018, 02:04 Hrs

MARGAO: Claiming a nexus between elected representatives and the builders lobby, Salcete-based NGOs on Wednesday urged the government, ministers and the MLAs to immediately come out with the Goa Land Use Policy banning sale of Goan land to people of other states and foreign nationals.
Flanked by activists Dattaram Mahesh Nayak and Felix Dias, United Goans Welfare Front Convenor Laurel Abranches said urged the government to first development and put in place basic infrastructure such as roads, water and power supply in the interest of Goa and Goans.
The trio said people who go to the town with Goem, Goemkar and Goemkarponn should not just pay lip service to the narrative but prove their credentials by taking concrete steps to stop the influx of migrants and big time builders into the state.
“At a time when a common Goan cannot afford to build flats and apartment, how come big time outstation builders are on the job of promoting their real state in the state. Are these mega housing projects for Goans or in the interest of Goa or to sell the real estate to outsides and foreign nationals”, Laurel wondered while making a fervent plea to the Goans to stop selling their properties to outsiders for the sake to Goem, Goemkar and Goemkarponn.
The trio demanded a ban on permissions for mega housing projects till the infrastructure is toned up to meet the growing requirements. “Today, we find mega housing projects coming up everywhere and the garbage landing in the neighbourhood. For whom are these mega projects when the locals are put to inconveniences”, they questioned.
“Goa lacks proper infrastructure such as water, electricity, garbage disposal facility. Public transport and roads are in bad condition. Entry of more people into Goa would only cause serious harm to the local culture, traditions, environment, ecology with Goa losing its beauty and charm”, the trio said.
Mahesh Nayak wondered whether Goem, Goemkar and Goemkarponn will have any meaning when there’s an influx of migrants into the state because of government’s bad policies on housing, adding “when Goans cannot afford to buy flats pegged at Rs one crore, how come the outstation builders continue their mega housing projects in the state”.
Felix Dias of Amchem Goem, Amcho Lok urged the political class to take concrete steps to stop the influx of migrants into the state, saying the politicians should stop treating the migrants as vote banks at the cost of Goem, Goemkar and Goemkarponn.