Saturday, 16 February, 2019

Congress asks govt for action plan on mining issue

14th June 2018, 04:41 Hrs

The Congress on Wednesday asked the government to declare what concrete action would be taken to resolve the mining crises in the state.
Congress spokesperson Adv Yatish Naik said that so far, 3 different solutions to the mining crises have been put forth by 3 different party members: CAC members Vijai Sardesai and Sudin Dhavalikar spoke of introducing an ordinance to amend Section 2 of the Abolition of Mining Concession Act of 1987, and filing a review petition to the Supreme Court respectively, whereas Curchorem MLA Nilesh Cabral spoke of filing an Intervening Application to the Supreme Court. Naik insisted that these 3 courses of action were all different and that it was not clear what the government really intended to do.
He asked the government to stop fooling the people by speaking in various voices on the same issue and to make up their minds.
He also called the CAC a farce that has no precedence in the legislature of the state and pointed out that the government had not successfully resolved problems like power-cuts, water shortage, inflation of LPG, that textbooks had still not been distributed in schools despite the new academic year starting over a week ago, and also reiterated that crimes against women had been steadily on the rise in the state. Adv Naik called the lack of order, and inaction by the government "deliberate madness" with no commitment to governance.