Saturday, 20 October, 2018
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Dhavalikar dares Ravi Naik to public his assets

Story: THE | GOAN | 13th June 2018, 12:16 Hrs

The Marcaim MLA and Minister for PWD Sudin Dhavalikar coming down heavily on his bete noire Ponda MLA Ravi Naik, has asked latter to come out with 'white paper' over his assets before elected as MLA and present one.

“He was elected as MLA in 1984 and I was elected in 1999. I am ready to public my assets before becoming MLA and also of present.” Dhavalikar vociferously said.

Naik on Tuesday had targeted PWD minister Dhavalikar for dilapidated condition of roads and for alleged sub standard work of Sewerage pipeline laid in Ponda and its outskirt.

“Wherever the roads are washed away due to rain will be repaired at earliest. I have instructed the officials to take the issue seriously. Even panchayats can directly contact assistant engineers designated for their areas and get the work done.” Dhavalikar said.

“Only illiterate person will say that sewage was flowing from the chambers laid in Ponda. When there is no STP and no connections are given, how the sewage will overflow from the chambers. I think one who has levelled these allegations must have purposely unloaded sewage tanks in these chambers. As everyone knows who owns sewage tanker and previously where they were unloaded.” Dhavalikar in a scathing attack against Naik said.

" If he feels that these works are of sub standard then he is free to lodge complain in vigilance. I will welcome it. I also ensure public that these pipes will last for hundred years." Dhavalikar said. 

Dhavalikar, referring the reports published on vernacular print media, also questioned media persons how the sewage water will flow from chambers, when the connection are yet to be given.

He appealed media persons to give publicity to things which are correct, and there should not be scope for reports which will misguide people.

“It is mandatory that building having more flats should install STP. But they don't obey the rules. Even he (Ravi Naik) has failed to install STP to his hotel.” Dhavalikar said adding he has installed STP for him home.

“As I care for environment I have installed STP at my home. He doesn't care anyone and hence opposes development.” Dhavalikar said.