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“Goa has a lot to give in terms of music”

Varun Carvalho, who is all set to release his new album ‘Reloaded’, hopes that his music will open up new doors for his listeners and help them realise their potential

10th June 2018, 06:17 Hrs


He’s given Goa tunes like The Goa Song, You Walk Alone and the ever popular FC Goa Anthem Dii Tekha. Known for his peppy tunes infused with that distinct Goan vibe that you can’t help but fall in love with, Varun Carvalho is now back with an all new album Reloaded. 

In the making for nearly two and a half years, the new album, he says will demonstrate how his music has evolved. “As a musician, you are constantly evolving, and your sound grows. The core of the music is still me but the sound is now bigger, more contemporary and I have tried to give it a more international sound,” says Carvalho.

To help the music reach a bigger international audience, Carvalho has collaborated with DJ Klaas from Germany. “We connected through the net and liked each other’s work. So we decided, why not work together?” says Carvalho.  

The 11 song album consists of many inspirational tunes like Rise as One, Get High and Let the Music Take You Higher.  And Carvalho hopes that his music will open up new doors for his listeners and help them realise their potential. “ I have had my ups and downs in life but I have also striven to rise above. And I believe that there will always be different obstacles at different times in your life. You must have the strength to face these and rise up,” he says.

The album which is set for a July release will be followed by the release of music videos too. “The first two music videos in the line up are Get High and Feel the Moment. There will more in the months to come,” he says.  

Post the release, Carvalho will be heading out on a tour to different cities around India and abroad to promote the album and also take Goan music to a wider audience. In fact he believes that there is much more that can be done in terms of taking Goan music to the next level. “We need more artists making new music and collaborating with musicians from other parts of India and abroad too,” he believes, adding that musicians should move beyond doing covers. “It depends on what you give the audience. If you don’t give them something different they won’t know who you are,” he says.  

“Goa has a lot to give in terms of music. We just have to push ourselves more to dream big and we can take Goan music to great heights,” he concludes.

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