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Locals flee after protection wall cracks at Kharewado

Huge waves lash houses, sea water gushes in

27th May 2018, 07:40 Hrs

the goan I network


A number of people fled from their houses as sea water entered their homes, after a protection wall built to safeguard houses at Kharewado got damaged on Friday night.  

According to a resident, Flaviano Silveira, the sea was rough late Friday evening causing huge waves that crashed on the protective wall built to safeguard houses at Kharewado.  

“As the sea turned rough, the waves damaged the retaining wall causing huge cracks. In no time, huge waves were hitting the walls of the houses in Kharewado with full force instilling a fear among the occupants.”  

“There was panic as people feared their houses could be washed away any moment with the pounding of waves. I request the government to assist us or provide some compensation as some of our houses are also damaged,” said Silveira.  

The strong waves began pounding the houses all night long. Residents could return to their houses  early morning when the sea was calm.

 Meanwhile, former minister Jose Philip D’Souza sought to attribute the incident to the dredging activity by the MPT near Kharewado.   

“Today, Kharewaddo beach has disappeared and tomorrow, houses will be washed away. We have witnessed worse weather, but such a situation had never happened before.”  

“Because of dredging by MPT, the sand has disappeared and water level has gone high,” said D’Souza.  

“What if the houses along with residents are washed away one night? Who will be held responsible? The MPT must be held responsible if any eventualities or a tragedy occurs and they must compensate the damages to the houses at Kharewado.”   

“What has happened today was predicted by residents of Kharewado when they had opposed dredging. Despite protests, the MPT went ahead with the dredging and we are now facing the consequences,” said D’Souza.