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Down with diarrhea & dehydration, Goan lad retreats, fails to set foot on Mt Everest

22nd May 2018, 07:35 Hrs

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This young Goan made a valiant bid to conquer Mount Everest, and came close to set his foot on the world’s highest mountain peak, but as fate proved otherwise, 24-year-old Rahul Prabhudesai had to fly back to Kathmandu after he was down with diarrhea, dehydration and abdominal pain.

“It was a sad news for the parents, friends and hundreds of well wishers, who had given their support and blessings for Rahul in his attempt to set foot on Mt Everest. But, mountains are mountains and we have to respect the situation,” Rahul’s mother and Margao Municipal Council Chairperson Babita Angle Prabhudesai told the media on Monday. Rahul’s father Dilip has air-dashed to Kathmandu to accompany him to Goa and the duo is expected to land home late Monday night.  

Babita said it would have been a proud moment for all Goans if Rahul had to make it to Mt Everest as his teammates have successfully scaled the highest peak.  “I am sorry if people of Goa have been let down by Rahul’s failure to scale Mt Everest, but again mountains are mountains,” a visibly shaken Babita told the media.  

When asked whether Rahul would give a second try after his return home, Babita said, “Let’s see. As a parent, I would want my son to try again. He had braved all kinds of adverse weather conditions during his mission. He came very close because his team was all set to reach the summit the next day before diarrhea and dehydration brought him back to the base camp and then to Kathmandu.”  

To a query, Babita said she spoke to the Sherpa accompanying Rahul’s team, and he said that it would be advisable for Rahul to give up the trek and return back to the base camp.

Rahul had set on the Mt Everest expedition exactly two months ago, when he had left Goa on March 21 before flying to Kathmandu the next day on March 22 from Bangalore.