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Washroom at MMC craves for attention

22nd May 2018, 07:34 Hrs

the goan I network


Charity begins at home, so goes the saying. But, will the Margao Municipal Council take a cue from this good old adage by implementing the Swachh Bharat campaign right from its own building?

This question has come to the fore as the washroom cum toilet of the municipality housed on the ground floor of the building is craving for attention from the civic babus and the City Fathers. The lone washroom in the municipality used by hundreds of municipal employees, besides members of the public, the toilet has perhaps become the symbol of apathy and neglect for reasons best known to the municipal powers that be.

Welcome to the male section of the washroom, and one would be taken aback to find out that the wash basin pipe is broken, with all water seeping on the floor. That’s not all. The municipality has been found wanting in the maintenance of the toilet cum washroom despite the fact that this is the only facility for the municipal staff and members of the public to relieve themselves.

That taps in the washroom runs dry in the evenings is a routine affair, leaving those using the urinals and toilet high and dry. Questions are being raised why the municipality has not installed a water tank with a higher capacity, given the fact that the toilet is being frequented by hundreds of users everyday.

Even municipal employees complain that the toilet block emits foul odour post morning session, with employees demanding that the municipality draft additional hands to maintain the toilet in swachh condition. 

“It is a pity that the municipal authorities have failed to maintain its own house in order by looking after the upkeep and maintenance of the lone toilet block. When the municipality has a full-fledged sanitation section, it is indeed surprising that the sanitation and hygiene has been found wanting in the washroom cum toilet,” remarked a toilet user.