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Members unhappy over slow pace of pre-monsoon works in Bandora

Story: the | goan | 21st May 2018, 01:18 Hrs


The Bandora gram sabha on Sunday passed a budget of Rs 65 lakh for the year 2018-19, with provision of Rs 30 lakh for administrative expenses, Rs 10.20 lakh for sanitation and public health, Rs 2.50 lakh for cleaning of gutters and Rs 20 lakh for public works. 

The gram sabha presided by Sarpanch Ramchandra Naik discussed the budget and pre-monsoon works. Secretary Sachit Gaude was also present on the occasion.  

During the gram sabha villagers expressed unhappiness over the pending pre-monsoon works, saying pre-monsoon showers have already started and works are incomplete. 

Sarpanch Ramchandra Naik assured the villagers of completing the remaining works in a short period of time.  

During the discussion on pre-monsoon works, some of the panch members demanded more funds to undertake cleaning of gutters.  

The villagers demanded completion of pre-monsoon works within ten days to save people from water-logging.