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Cong, BJP react cautiously in Goa

16th May 2018, 02:00 Hrs

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Political parties remained cautious in reacting to  the verdict in neighbouring Karnataka as the day saw swinging fortunes  as results were announced and equations began to emerge with the  Congress admitting it was disappointed and the BJP initially seemingly  happy to offer their opinions but later chose to remain tight-lipped.   

Newly elected Congress president Girish Chodankar said that  his party accepted the verdict but would work to keep “the forces that  are not only communal but attempting to destroy the democratic  traditions of this country.”   

“The verdict is hung and we did not get the mandate we were  expecting. In such a situation we have decided that we will extend  support to the JDS to keep the communal forces out of power,” Chodankar  told The Goan.   

“So not the precedent which has been set in three states  needs to be followed. The Governor has to accept the JDS claim because  we have given in writing to the Governor displaying our support. The  other two parties are also supporting us. There is no way the BJP can  cross the halfway mark except through defections, which are illegal,”  Chodankar said.   

The BJP on the other hand initially informally called  reporters to the party office saying they would react in the afternoon. 

However, as the day’s events progressed party leaders stayed away from  offering preferring to wait until the situation stabilizes. 

Luizinho slams BJP for double standard on govt formation

MARGAO: Veteran Congress leader and Navelim MLA Luizinho Faleiro, who had led the Congress party in the 2017 Assembly election to emerge as the single largest party, on Tuesday slammed the BJP for adopting double standards on government formation to suit the party’s political needs.  

He also said the office of the governor has to uphold the Constitution, saying the governor cannot toe the line of the political party in power.  

“In the case of Goa, the Governor did not invite the single largest party to form the government though the people of Goa gave the Congress party the clear mandate with 17 seats to form the government. This is nothing, but double standard on the part of the BJP”, Faleiro said.  

That’s not all. Faleiro said the BJP gained power in the North Eastern states at Manipur and Meghalaya adopting the same