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GFDO urges TCP minister to junk Mopa PDA

16th May 2018, 02:21 Hrs

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The Goans for Dabolim Airport  (GFDO) has urged TCP Minister Vijai Sardesai to scrap the PDA zone for  Mopa, hoping that the whole issue of the necessity for the existence of  PDAs in Goa be re-examined and re-evaluated.

In his letter addressed  to the TCP Minister on the eve of the TCP Board meeting scheduled on  Wednesday, GFDO convenor Fr Eremito Rebelo said, “We sincerely hope that  the Mopa PDA and in fact, all the other new PDAs being contemplated be  scrapped forthwith, or ironically, your party, which came to power based  on the promise and commitment to protect and safeguard Goem, Goemkar  and Goemkarponn will be responsible for its accelerated destruction and  disappearance.”

Fr Eremito drew the attention of the TCP Minister to the  fact that in an attempt to make the proposed Mopa airport viable to the  developer, 15 lakh square metres of land has been handed over to GMR  for commercial development at 2.5 FAR, adding ‘hence there is no need of  the PDA to even convert the zone’.

“GMR has also been given complete  autonomy over planning and development of the land according to the  concessionaire agreement. It requires only technical clearance from the  TCP Board. In these circumstances, what will be the role of the PDA  given that planning and FAR is already decided for this areas,” he said,  while demanding to know the justification for diverting personnel,  resources and squandering taxpayer’s money to form a totally superfluous  PDA.

Fr Eremito demanded to know whether there is any agenda to  expand the PDA area to engulf all surrounding villages and perhaps the  whole of Pernem. “Will the people of these villages lose their  agricultural paddy fields, orchard land, springs etc in the name of  development. If so, then considering that water for Mopa will be  supplied from the Tillari dam, what have been the measures taken by the  TCP to ensure that Pernem is equipped to handle the burden of the rapid  urbanisation that is being planned,” he demanded to know.

He said it  is abundantly clear that the track record of existing PDAs functioning  in towns like Margao, Mapusa, Panaji and Vasco, have been dismal to say  the least. “The function of planning, based on considerations of safety,  security and sustainability has been obviously non existent as can be  assessed from the fact that in Vasco, a seven-storey building has been  permitted to set up in the funnel zone of Dabolim airport. This is not  planning, but plain and simple exploitation,” Fr Eremito said, adding  that it is shocking that the reach of this kind of PDA is being expanded  and foisted in other parts of Goa.

“Rather than planning, the PDAs  have been operating as purely zone conversion authorities. Land use and  planning must be laid down and stated clearly as part of the regional  plan based on scientific research and data analysis and of course the  carrying capacity of tiny Goa,” he said, adding that  Adhocism of the  kind practices by the PDA and TCP Board without a regional plan in place  is unacceptable.