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SGPDA to miss yet another deadline for inaugurating retail fish market

16th May 2018, 02:19 Hrs

the goan I network


A fortnight to go for the Statehood Day, but will the South Goa Planning and Development Authority (SGPDA) stick to its self-imposed deadline to inaugurate the renovated retail fish market on May 30? Or will the PDA miss yet another deadline set to inaugurate the renovated retail fish market?  

For, though just 15 days to go for the deadline to expire, questions are raised amongst the fish vendors as well as fish loving Madgavkars whether it would be possible to inaugurate the renovated retail market within a fortnight.  

When The Goan team visited the market on Tuesday, work was going on a brisk pace. Workers were engaged in laying the floor tiles, while a group of labourers were atop the market repairing the roof tiles. That the rusted and corroded iron grills are on their way out was evident by the fact that fabricated grills have been around, awaiting installation.  

Sources in the know, however, informed that a lot of work needs be completed and it would be not possible to inaugurate the market by May 30.  

TCP Minister Vijai Sardesai, who had initiated the ambitious project at a cost of Rs 14 crore, also sounded skeptical in the early completion and completion of the renovated fish market. “There’s indeed a delay in the completion of the market for reasons that the specifications had to be changed again and again to meet the requirements of the fish vendors. The fish vendors repeatedly called for change in the specifications and designs and we had to meet their requirements since it is they (vendor) who would use the market,” Sardesai said.  

Conceding that it is now out of question to inaugurate the renovated market by May 30, Sardesai exuded confidence that the market should be ready by mid-June for inauguration, raising questions whether the market will be finally inaugurated on the birthday of the TCP Minister in mid-June.