Wednesday, 14 November, 2018
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Connecting innovation and craft

16th May 2018, 02:35 Hrs

Serendipity Arts Foundation (SAF) is conducting a residency for the second phase of the project Serendipity Barefoot School of Craft: Made in Goa, an experimental design project that aims to explore collaborative design processes between architects and artisans of Goa to address sustainability, environment and market linkages for crafts. The selected eight architects from the first phase of the project conducted in 2017 are participating in the two-week intensive residency scheduled from May 9 to 21. Dr Annapurna Garimella, a Bangalore-based art historian and designer heading Jackfruit Research and Design and Dean D’cruz, a noted architect who runs Mozaic, one of India’s leading Architecture and Product Design houses, based in Goa are the curators of the project and mentors for the architects. 

The intention of the project is to create buildable and sustainable public models, which are easily replicable and eco-friendly. The project endeavors to explore crafts of the region and ways in which the craftsmen can find easy market linkages to showcase and retail their products through these public structures. 

The idea behind the residency is to create a talking, working and a collaborative space for architects, craftspeople, curators and guides to unite and have a dialogue with the related craft communities through a language of sustainability. 

Post this residency, teams will be incorporating the multiple positive aspects of each model and develop three new structures that reflect the ethos of Goan craft and public interventions.   

The final pavilions of the project will be open to public from November onwards, where anyone can visit and experience the space as well as the craft objects. These pavilions will also be open during the festival. 

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